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3 Reasons to become an IAP2 USA Mentor

January 26, 2017 Leave a comment


 3 Reasons to B an IAP2 USA Mentor!applynow2

  1. You’re a goldmine of information. Share the wealth! – Mentoring is a way to stay grounded. It becomes a gateway for you to access your past experiences, pitfalls, and triumphs. Mentoring can become an exercise in critical thinking in a way that will help you to look at your practice more analytically. Challenging yourself to become a mentor and share your knowledge will give you an opportunity to explore your reflections and pass on better P2 practices.
  2. Stay hip and keep up with the times! – Our world is changing at an exponential rate. We have seen the rise of technology and every day we are surrounded by the force it wields. There is no doubt the upcoming generations we see today are far more tech savvy. Taking on a mentee may mean that you will, in turn, learn some tricks of the technology trade and fortify your own P2 practices.
  3. Change a life, and the industry! – By becoming a mentor you will help set the tone of our industry. For many of us, there is a mentor in our past that helped set the tone and build the foundation upon which we built our career. The personal reward of seeing those positive changes is immense!

If you’re excited about this opportunity, click here to learn more about the role of the mentor or check out our mentoring page.

Applications are due by March 10th, 2017. Do not miss out on this awesome opportunity!

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3 Reasons to become an IAP2 USA Mentee!

January 26, 2017 Leave a comment


3 Reasons to B an IAP2 USA Mentee

    1. Mentors provide a wealth of information – Have ever felt that you are stuck in a professional rut with no viable options, there’s a good chance your mentor has been there. If they haven’t, it is likely they know someone who has. Mentors offer encouragement, but also help set goals and share experiences to help you avoid the sticky situations beginners can make.
    2. Mentors can provide genuine constructive feedback – There is nothing more frustrating than having a project kicked back with the only nugget of feedback being something akin to “needs work.” Mentors can help you see where you need to improve, where you may be blind to it.
    3. Mentors find ways to stimulate our personal and professional growth – Mentors have a way of seeing our faults in such a way that it creates a place for growth and change. Having a safe space to ask questions, make mistakes, and explore new techniques is priceless. They can help you set realistic goals and find ways to make them reality.

getanswers“Show me a successful individual and I’ll show you someone who had real positive influences in his or her life. I don’t care what you do for a living – if you do it well I’m sure there was someone cheering you on or showing you the way. A mentor.”
—Denzel Washington

If you’re excited about this opportunity, click here to learn more about the role of the mentor or check out our mentoring page.

Applications are due by March 10th, 2017. Do not miss out on this awesome opportunity!

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2017 IAP2 North American Conference Committees – Volunteers Wanted

January 3, 2017 Leave a comment

We NEED you!

Have you ever wondered what goes into a Conference Program or how sessions are selected? Do you want to help select conference session speakers and poster exhibitors? If the answer is yes to these questions then consider volunteering for the Program Committee (click here to learn more about what is required).

While our world does not revolve around money it sure helps. The Sponsorship Committee plays a very important role in ensuring that IAP2 USA continues to receive funds – not only to support the Conference but events and activities all year long. Raising money is not for the faint of heart – are you up for the challenge? Click here for more information on the responsibilities of this Committee.

“I live in Denver or near by and I like to have FUN!”
If this is you then please consider volunteering for the Local Fun Committee. This committee helps to showcase Denver, make decisions on the opening reception, tours and so much more. We are expecting 350 people to attend the Denver Conference and this is your opportunity to show it off! Click here for more information.

I WANT TO VOLUNTEER – We are looking forward to you joining us. Please contact Jennifer at with the subject line – Conference Volunteer by January 10th – we need your name, contact information and which committee you want to join. THANK-YOU!

From the President…

June 26, 2014 1 comment

Image  Message from President Doug Zenn: 

The Cascade Chapter in Oregon just held its eighth “PI Works” conference Bend, Oregon, in Mid-June. I noted at this conference that the chapter’s successes have paralleled the craft brewing industry’s rise in the last 15 years Coincidence? Maybe.

Or maybe it’s the coffee, or maybe it’s the water, but there’s no doubt that shared time amongst Northwest practitioners — beers among peers, in some cases — has certainly spurred conversations that have advanced the public engagement practice here.  Is it so bad that we talk about public involvement and India Pale Ales in the same breath? It isn’t that much of a stretch? Say these out loud: (1) I’m a member of IAP2; then (2) If you’re having an India Pale Ale, I’ll have an IPA, too.

Joking aside, this organization faces challenges that all national organizations face, in having these conversations when we’re spread across the country and busy in our jobs every day.  The technologies are here, but the wide-spread understanding of how to use them is not…yet.  How will we move our practice forward nationally? IAP2 USA now has annual conferences, local events, training and webinars; and we’re working to expand these offerings. IAP2 USA’s presence on LinkedIn and Facebook offers our members additional opportunities to connect. We’re working with U.S. mayors on what cities and counties need to further promote a healthy and productive culture of engagement with community members. We’re working with the White House on best practices for federal agencies. How would you like to hear about these? How would YOU like to be involved?

Knowledge of IAP2 Core Values and guiding principles is already a “sought” attribute in job and proposal applications.  A team is working on the development of a certification program that we think is a next giant leap forward for our field.  119 practitioners weighed in with their thoughts on what our field core competencies need to be. That’s a great start.

In the upcoming months, we will conduct a survey of members. Give all of these questions some thought and help to shape the future of this organization.  I estimate that at any given time, we have at least 50 volunteers contributing to the organization and advancing the practice.  That’s outstanding, and our field would not be where it is today without this dedication. A lot is happening, but you’d expect that, since our field is evolving rapidly. We all need IAP2 to come together; and for that to happen, we need you. Step up. Join us for a virtual beer … or coffee … or an IAP2 IPA, too.