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Your Learning Journey and the Skills Symposium

November 28, 2016 Leave a comment
We keep saying that the San Diego Skills Symposium has something for everyone, and it does! Where are you on your learning journey? What skills do you need for continuous improvement? What should you be signing up for? The following provides some insights on what you could learn and where courses lie on the continuum of experience. But many overlap, so don’t let us define or limit your journey – choose the courses that best fit where YOU are and what YOU need.
Course and Audience Some of the things YOU will learn in these courses
If you are new to the P2 field or want a refresher…
IAP2 Foundations Planning
Planning – 3 Days
Techniques – 2 Days
  • Define P2 and understand its value, risks and benefits
  • Design, deliver and evaluate effective P2 planning processes
  • Select appropriate techniques that align with P2 objectives
  • Understand key characteristics of a wide variety of traditional and emerging techniques and technologies
If you are experienced in delivering P2…
Social Media and P2
2-day course

  • Understand the range of ways people participate online
  • Write appropriate content and understand the importance of two-way communication in this medium
  • Identify challenges to participation in digital environments and be aware of approaches that may address these challenge
IAP2 Emotion, Outrage and Public Participation
2-day course
  • A common understanding of outrage: the causes of outrage
  • Strategies & approaches for dealing with outrage
  • Practice the kinds of behavior that are most effective in mitigating people’s anger, fear and emotional reactions
Designing for Diversity
2-day course
  • Recognize the value and critical importance of bringing multiple perspectives to complex issues
  • Learn how to define clear objectives for increasing and deepening diversity within public engagement efforts
  • Learn how to choose the appropriate participation tools and techniques based on the engagement design
Building the Trust for Civil Communication
1-day course
  • Review how trust is built
  • Recognize what makes communication effective
  • Recognize communication patterns that can evoke negative emotions
Evaluating & Measuring P2
1-day course
  • Determine the most appropriate type(s) of evaluation for a P2 project and identify the challenges to evaluation
  • Populate a logic model and use it to structure an evaluation plan
  • Craft evaluation questions
If you have been delivering good P2 for quite a while…
When Things Go Sideways
2-day course

  • Build experience and practice through practical tools and approaches to constructively engage with emotional stakeholders
  • Increase self-awareness and understanding of personal reactions and responses to the emotions of others
  • Understand and identify some of the triggers for emotion, and practice strategies to support people in constructive engagement
Wherever you are in your P2 learning journey, plan to join us for these highly interactive and participatory courses.

Hot off the Press! More on our 2016 Skills symposium

January 19, 2016 Leave a comment

IAP2 USA Skills Symposium, February 21-25, 2016 in San Diego

We have enjoyed speaking with many of you over the last few weeks about the Symposium and it has been great to see so many registrations – YEAH! But, we are also aware that some of you still have to make the case, whether to justify your personal expense or to convince an employer that you should be attending. We’ve provided quite a bit of information—check out all of the course information by clicking on the “Learn More” links on the website—but we want to do more. So, we have gone back out to our trainers and requested some additional materials. We are still getting trainer updates, but wanted to share what we have received (below).

PLEASE NOTE: Our Symposium courses do have a minimum and maximum registration. We will be reviewing all registrations at the end of day on January 22 to determine which courses will proceed. If you have a course you want to take, don’t delay–register now, even if you have to pay a little later.

DEADLINE FOR SYMPOSIUM HOTEL RATES: The deadline for the Symposium at the Bahia Resort Hotel is almost here. January 22 is the last day to get the IAP2 USA rate of $139/night. If you think that you will be joining us make sure to book your room as soon as possible. Don’t forget, the Bahia is offering these great rates before and after the Symposiumso do a little work and a little relaxing!

Designing as if Stakeholders Matter

In our first video segment, course developer Anne Carroll provides an overview of how Designing as if Stakeholders Matter will help you learn how to design meaningful engagement projects that successfully reach out to and hear from the full spectrum of stakeholders for that project.


“This workshop will surely enhance the way we work with our communities to provide better services. It was most useful to have the reminders of the many diverse stakeholders who should be part of the process.”
“Getting the voice is very important – many participants representing government today; this work is critical to engaging people in services that meet their needs.”
“Fantastic trainer! I can’t remember the last time I participated in training with such a qualified and engaging trainer.”
“I’m typically a tough audience for training and not given to effusive praise – unless warranted. It is in this case.”
“Anne really took us through all the necessary steps to understand the full spectrum of diversity and how to implement an engagement by constantly challenging us to think deeper.”
More Tools!

Dialogue Partners consultant Erin Pote shares how More Tools for your Community Involvement Toolbox will give you innovative new tools and techniques to use in your P2 practice.


“Great ways for everyone to engage. Participation did not feel forced. Everyone’s thoughts were valued.”
“Very good questions that prompted meaningful engagement and conversation.”
“Very creative/new ideas.”
“Enjoyed hearing your various activities and examples. ”
IAP2 Foundations in Public Participation

IAP2 Licensed trainer Barbara Chappell shares how the IAP2 Foundations in Public Participation course will help you design engagement processes to bring communities and decision makers together in effective ways.


“Thank you for creating such an open and encouraging learning space for us. I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed a training and development experience so much and come away with such a sense of how I can use what I learned.”
“I think I can speak on behalf of the group by saying that you were absolutely fabulous to have as a trainer! Thanks for being so open with your experiences and willing to answer all our questions.”
“Thank you for, without a doubt, the best training I have been delivered during my long (17 year) public service career. Your enthusiasm, ability to ‘engage’ your audience and your wealth of real world examples and anecdotes are invaluable.”
“Your presentation of the IAP2 course content over the last two weeks was outstanding. It’s great to have a course facilitator that knows their stuff and has plenty of experiences to draw on to add ‘life’ to the learning experience. ”
“Thank you so much for these resources, and thanks again for such a wonderful learning session last week. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and left with my mind and eyes widened to the amazing possibilities available when engaging with the community and stakeholders.”
Emotion, Outrage & Public Participation will

Course developer Stephanie McCallum describes how Emotion, Outrage & Public Participation will help you move people from rage to reason and engage stakeholders in building consensus for better decisions.


“The whole course was structured wonderfully – great use of learn and apply technique. And the real life examples – from the videos and from the instructor – were very helpful.”
“I thought the instructor was excellent. She incorporated a variety of different types of activities throughout the course, which helped keep it interesting and engaging. She also shared great examples that helped make the content more tangible.”
“The learning environment was very welcoming; people felt comfortable in sharing stories, ideas, questions, etc. The use of real-world examples was very helpful.”
“Steph showed great skill in moving the sessions forward in a timely manner while seamlessly integrating contributions from the group to enhance the relevance and enjoyability of the learning experience for all. Her knowledge of the subject matter was clear and indisputable.”
The Skills Symposium is fast approaching. Don’t miss out on this fabulous lineup of training opportunities!


Skills Symposium Foundations Course puts the “I” in P2

January 4, 2016 Leave a comment

Join trainers Barbara Chappell & Alan Beattie for one or both of the IAP2 flagship public participation courses.

The experience can be transformative.

“This is valuable training for anyone working in the Communications/Public Relations industry because so much of this knowledge is assumed or taken-for-granted, especially by decision-makers. This course applies a professional rigour and framework to these endeavours that can help either avert disaster or maximise outcomes.”
—Course participant, December 2015

“By far the best training I have attended in my 17-year public service career.”
—Course participant, May 2015


The Planning module includes theory sessions to help participants develop an understanding of public participation and prepare them for the application of the theory to practice.

The Techniques module breaks down specific methods including World Café, Interviews, Revolving Conversations, Deliberation, and Advisory Groups. You’ll leave armed with a wealth of reference material, IAP2 tip sheets, and the ability to select appropriate procedures for each new project. Planning is a prerequisite to Techniques.

Participants in the Planning Module will learn to:

  • Develop an understanding of values based public participation
  • Prepare a public participation plan based on a clear understanding of the decision under consideration and the role the public may play in the decision process
  • Develop an understanding of how to set engagement and communication objectives and assess the associated risks
  • Develop an awareness of a range of public participation techniques
  • Determine how to select techniques to meet engagement and communication objectives
  • Review, monitor and improve public participation practices

Participants in the Techniques Module will learn to:

  • Understand key characteristics of a wide variety of traditional and emerging techniques and technologies
  • Asses and select techniques to meet identified public participation objectives
  • Modify and combine techniques to meet various objectives and circumstances
  • Determine the skills and resources needed to use different techniques effectively

Participants will receive a certificate of course completion.

Learn more | Register now | 2016 Skills Symposium

Member Spotlight: Robyn Austin

December 14, 2015 Leave a comment
Robyn Austin

Robyn Austin

Robyn came to IAP2 USA in a convoluted way. With a background in public policy and intergovernmental relations, Robyn worked in communications with the U.S. Department of Justice and the U.S. Federal Courts before joining Kittelson & Associates, a transportation engineering firm, to help with public involvement.

“It was a really good fit with my background in government relations and public policy, and I started out developing communications plans focusing on outreach and social media, but something was missing. I was the only one in the firm specifically focusing on public involvement, so I didn’t have anyone else to run ideas by. There wasn’t a team to draw energy from.”

Robyn ended up searching the Internet to find people doing similar things when she ran across IAP2 USA. She attended an event in Bend, Oregon where she discovered “this amazing group of people just like me –all in central Oregon!” IAP2 events gave Robyn the opportunity to meet and learn from people doing public participation work, but even more so they helped her solidify her role and shape what she was doing.

Robyn has created public involvement as a service area outside of engineering projects. “Other firms started coming to us for assistance where we have people on the ground and outreach expertise. Whereas normally we would be a competitor, in these cases we know the area, the agencies, and the people, and we’re able to provide value-added public involvement services outside of our own engineering projects.” And Kittelson’s reputation is growing. “More clients have come to us because they’ve heard we have a good reputation with the people and the public.”

Robyn attributes growing her role from traditional public relations/ communication to listening to the stories and lessons learned of the people who worked in different industries – for example, water rights and mining – and realizing they are the same stories and lessons learned just in a different arena. “I began to think less about how you do public involvement in transportation to more about how you do public involvement, period.”

She took the Foundations course, which gave her a better foundation in the fundamentals, and the course manuals provide a reference she uses when making plans. “It was helpful to bring back the materials and talk about what I learned. It gave me something to point to to say ‘This is how to develop a good plan.’”

The IAP2 Core Values and Code Ethics really helped to inform Robyn’s work as she developed her role. In the beginning she was asking herself “Am I involving?” “Am I communicating?” but as she grew to understand and internalize the IAP2 principles, reading through them, and really understanding how they were reflected in her work, Robyn started taking them to her project teams, asking “How are you involving … communicating … educating, in your project plans?”

“That’s when we really started doing public involvement. It was definitely transformative.”

Robyn started thinking about the public participation aspect of projects as its own piece, and started asking questions around “What is our goal?” “What are we asking of the public?” “Are we empowering?” “Are we collaborating?”

The questions raised by the IAP2 Core Values and Code Ethics reframed the conversation and transformed what Kittelson was doing for the practice …all within a very short time frame.

Robyn attended the event in Bend ~2 years ago, and while she’s located in the Intermountain which covers a lot of territory – 5 big states – Kittelson’s headquarters is in Portland, where she’s gotten to know many people in the Cascade chapter. It was just 11 months ago, in January 2015, that Robyn joined IAP2 USA and the Communications Committee where she was welcomed with open arms – Thanks Lance! – “I knew I wanted to be involved more, and when I saw a call for volunteers in the newsletter I thought ‘I can do that!’”

She jumped right in helping with social media generally, but in the weeks before the North American Conference she got involved with the planning committee with Kittelson’s backing and support. “We were able to host the committee meetings in our Portland office, which gave us a good central location to connect with all the amenities but no extra costs!”

The Communications Committee remains a mainstay of Robyn’s involvement. “Communications is such an important part of IAP2! We’re a hands on committee working on social media outreach, the newsletter and the website, and of course the big success of 2015 – the new brochure – Thanks Jessica! – getting information out to people who may not know about the organization so they can get the newsletter and receive announcements. People like me, who are doing public involvement but don’t have the backing of this great organization that can help them frame their work and make it grow.”

committeeGet involved! It’s easy to volunteer for an IAP2 USA committee.

  • We’re an organization of people who are good at this. People who want to help and want to be involved, there’s definitely space.
  • It’s as easy as sending an email.
  • Not to mention we have a few good coaches and mentors…

Learn more!

Robyn is super excited about the upcoming 2016 Skills Symposium. “I’ve already registered for More Tools! and Digital Engagement to see if what we’re doing is up to snuff. I’m looking forward to connecting with others and hearing what they’re doing in their industries. I hope to see you there!”

Schedule tight? Looking for a break? Recharge your P2 batteries and extend your stay!

December 9, 2015 Leave a comment

sunWhether you’re within driving distance or a short flight away, these one-day training options may be just the ticket for your busy schedule! The 2016 Skill Symposium offers one, two and three-day workshops designed to meet your professional development needs.

What’s more – if you can work it in – extend your stay! Bring the family to sunny San Diego for the weekend to take advantage of the special conference rate – $139.00/nightavailable through the weekend!


Engaging with Influence
Increase your influence with key decision-makers!

Join IAP2 Licensed Foundations trainer Michelle Feenan from Queensland, Australia and New Zealand’s Anne Pattillo, an international leader in the art of engagement and participation, in this one-day exploration of how to build your professional credibility and increase the uptake of your professional advice.

You will have the opportunity to:

  • Build your understanding of the professional standards for ethical practice
  • Build your credibility for genuine engagement
  • Work with status practice new approaches to be influential by tailoring your approach to the decision-making style of the key people in your network
  • Practice the six critical engagement conversations build accountability and commitment

Add Engaging with Influence to your public participation toolbox to create sustainable results.

Engaging with Influence | 2016 Skills Symposium | #Top

Engagement Evaluation
Learn how to embed evaluation into your public participation and engagement projects or initiatives.

Join Anne Pattillo, workshop co-designer with participatory evaluation expert Dr. Jess Dart, and IAP2 Licensed Foundations trainer Michelle Feenan from Queensland, Australia in this one-day exploration of the principles and tools to design an evaluation of public participation and engagement projects or initiatives.

You will have the opportunity to:

  • Understand how to scope an engagement evaluation and design an evaluation framework
  • Understand the role of key evaluation questions and explore ethical considerations for data collection
  • Learn a set of practical steps to select appropriate methods for evaluation
  • Practice using a range of methods to describe and measure effectiveness
  • Identify common pitfalls in data analysis
  • Create a skeleton evaluation plan for a real project

Add Engagement Evaluation to your public participation toolbox to create sustainable results.

Engagement Evaluation | 2016 Skills Symposium | #Top

Digital Engagement in P2
Learn how to use information and communications technologies to support your public participation practice!

Join Tim Bonnemann, IAP2 USA board member and founder, president and CEO of Intellitics, Inc. in this lively presentation of how to effectively use technology to drive participatory processes and outcomes.

You will have the opportunity to:

  • Know when and why to use digital tools to widen, deepen or strengthen public participation
  • Identify the points in the design of a public participation process when decisions about the use of digital technologies should be made
  • Use worksheets and other design aids (to be handed out at the workshop or made available online) that inventory the factors to consider in assessing benefits to organizations of use of digital engagement in specific situations, and in choosing, adapting or designing digital tools and processes
  • Identify common pitfalls and challenges and develop mitigation strategies
  • Know where to find high quality information
  • Know how to make the case for digital engagement to peers and superiors

Add Digital Engagement to your public participation toolbox to create sustainable results.

Digital Engagement | 2016 Skills Symposium | #Top

More Tools!
Fill your toolbox with 4 new, innovative and effective community involvement techniques: Conversation Toolkit, Socratic Circle, Ideas Fair and Culturally Sensitive approaches to Community Involvement.

Join Dialogue Partners’ Stephani Roy McCallum, IAP2 Licensed trainer and lead developer of IAP2’s Emotion, Outrage and Public Participation course, and Erin Pote, teacher, facilitator, and community builder, in this one-day exploration of new tools you can add to your toolbox.

You will have the opportunity to:

  • Experience a participatory and interactive session that outlines 4 new tools for Community Involvement
  • Test the tools and express concerns, ideas and perspectives in a supported way
  • Identify how and when to use the tools in their processes
    Connect with a tool that will be useful in their work
  • Understand the tools and how they would be useful in different projects and with different stakeholders

Add Conversation Toolkit, Socratic Circle, Ideas Fair and Culturally Sensitive approaches to Community Involvement to your public participation toolbox to create sustainable results.

More Tools! | 2016 Skills Symposium | #Top

Stakeholders Matter …right?

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Learn to design and implement inclusive engagement processes!

Inclusion matters, but many of us didn’t learn how to “do” inclusive engagement and are learning on the fly. This is your chance to get caught up with authentic best practices to improve your reach and results. annecarroll

Join Anne Carroll, co-owner of Carroll Franck & Associates and IAP2 USA board member, for a two-day exploration of designing public engagement processes with stakeholders at the center.

You’ll have the opportunity to:

  • Become aware of the spectrum of diversity and understand what happens when engagement doesn’t account for that dimensionality
  • Recognize the value and critical importance of bringing multiple perspectives to complex issues
  • Learn how to define clear objectives for increasing and deepening diversity within public engagement efforts
  • Explore underrepresentation, how to recognize and explain it, and what to do to correct it
  • Develop ethical and effective approaches and techniques for supporting and engaging diverse participants
  • Gain experience in stakeholder identification and appropriate participation tools
  • Understand how to evaluate and redesign during implementation
  • Know how to carry forward into their work the learnings that emerge from this session

Add inclusive design to your public participation toolbox to create public participation projects with reach and results!

Learn more  |  Register now  |  2016 Skills Symposium

Hone your facilitation skills! Take Facilitation Skills for P2 Practitioners at the 2016 Skills Symposium!

November 24, 2015 Leave a comment

This interactive session more than covers the basics!

Whether you’re new to facilitating public sessions or you just want a chance to practice in a safe environment, this course is for you!


Wendy Lowe

Join Certified Professional Facilitator and IAP2 Licensed Trainer and IAP2 USA board member Wendy Green Lowe in this three-day exploration of facilitation skills, session planning, the anatomy of a meeting, facilitation techniques, typical challenging situations, and more!

You’ll have the opportunity to:

  • List the basic parts of a facilitated public event
  • Outline a planning process for preparing to facilitate a public event
  • Demonstrate basic facilitation skills
  • Respond to common challenging situations that can arise at facilitated public events

Become more comfortable with facilitation in your P2 practice!


Learn more  |  Register now  |  2016 Skills Symposium