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We hit our goal of 100!

June 26, 2014 Leave a comment

We hit our goal of 100 participants!

The IAP2 USA Board of Directors convened a Task Force in November 2013 to develop recommendations for developing a professional certification program. A Task Force of 13 people (which includes two people from IAP2 Canada and one from IAP2 Southern Africa) has met a total of 16 times (!) so far. Our most recent effort has been to survey members and other professionals to solicit input for development into the “core competencies” that will shape the application and assessment process we will recommend.


In order to stimulate enthusiasm in our survey, we conducted four webinars to explain what we have accomplished to date, define what we mean by core competencies, and share our plans for moving forward. A total of 53 people participated in the webinars. And more than 100 people have participated in our survey!   This is a visual depiction of what we have heard so far:

Our next task will be sorting through all of that to find those fundamental competencies that the most competent among us share.

We will keep you posted. Keep an eye on our website to to stay informed of our doings. And drop us a line at if you have thoughts to share.

You tell us… what are the core competencies that define our work?

June 10, 2014 Leave a comment

You tell us… what are the core competencies that define our work?  Knowledge, attitudes, beliefs?  Behaviors, skills, capabilities?  Some might even suggest personal qualities or experiences?  What is it that defines what we do?  What must we have to do good work?


For more information on the development of the IAP2 Certification Program – please visit the IAP2 Certification Webpage.