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Take Appreciative Inquiry: The Path to High Engagement Positive Impact at the 2016 Skills Symposium!

November 17, 2015 1 comment

Connect people, ignite fresh thinking and create shared ownership for results!


Barbara Lewis

Have you ever wondered about Appreciative Inquiry and wanted to know more? This is your chance! Join Barbara Lewis, head of the Rocky Mountain Center for Positive Change and owner of Catalyst Inc., at the 2016 IAP2 USA Skills Symposium in a two-day exploration of how and why Appreciative Inquiry works.

You’ll have the opportunity to:

  • Understand how and why Appreciative Inquiry works to enhance engagement and create sustainable results
  • Learn the 4D process by experiencing an Appreciative Inquiry process from start to finish
  • Discover how Appreciative Inquiry is similar and different from more traditional decision-making and public participation processes
  • 1311-aipExplore ways in which Appreciative Inquiry can be used for public participation
  • Apply a 4-step process to create appreciative questions
  • Explore opportunities for Appreciative Inquiry in different contexts and see the possibilities for adapting the process to different circumstances

Add Appreciative Inquiry to your public participation toolbox to create sustainable results.

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