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What in the world is going on? No really… Join us at the 2017 IAP2 North American Conference!

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Ways of making sure P2 is part of the plannot an afterthought! What the Aloha State can teach us about engaging multiple cultures! And we’re offering something new: Pathways — interactive “deep dives” into issues. These are just three more reasons why you don’t want to miss the 2017 IAP2 North American Conference!

How would you like to be part of a project to renovate P2 so it’s a more positive and effective process for participant and practitioner?

“Powerfully Positive Questions for P2 in a Changing World” is designed to be a group effort, co-creating the Encyclopedia of Positive Questions for Community Engagement. You’ll spend Thursday and forty-five minutes on Friday in a fun and engaging Appreciative Inquiry process to design this handbook that focuses on what works – rather than what doesn’t – and moves from what we don’t want to what we do. The end result will be a real product that moves the conversation from problems to possibilities.

Have you felt the frustration of being called on to engage stakeholders at a late stage in a project and delivering a half-baked process as a result? Have you had to bite your tongue while designers and planners tell you how to do your job, or had to lecture project leaders on the ways an engagement strategy can influence their project’s success?

It’s all about Getting an Early Seat at the Table, and Dawn Chiasson, will share some insights into ways of getting that seat. You’ll have an opportunity to brainstorm and work through some strategies and come away with new tools to get your point across to project leaders.

Hawai’i has been portrayed, through a mix of marketing and reality, as “paradise”, but increasing social, environmental and cultural activism in the Aloha State is creating a challenge for P2 practitioners. Myriad cultures have co-existed for centuries, but increasing growth and development to satisfy Asian and North American interests is causing dissatisfaction and resentment.

In “When a melting pot of cultures in the middle of the Pacific Ocean becomes a boiling pot for public issues”, Mahina Martin will point out the importance of anticipating stakeholder expectations when dealing with multiple cultures and look at public issues that are often overlooked when tourism is at stake. You’ll come away with tactics you can use when you’re faced with a multicultural scenario.

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Learning! Tools! Techniques! Join us at the 2017 IAP2 North American Conference!


Ideas! Insights! Tools! What you need to apply P2 for the greater good in our changing world!
You’ll find them at the 2017 IAP2 North American Conference, September 6 – 8, 2017 in Denver.


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Do some organizations – perhaps your own – tend to run “behind the curve” when it comes to reflecting demographic reality? Metro – which administers the three-county metropolitan area around Portland, Oregon – recognized that there was a widening gap between policy-makers and some of the communities.

Metro developed a racial equity strategy that demanded a change not just within the agency but within the people who work there. In “Beyond Inclusion: Community partnerships that transform public service culture”, Metro staff members and a member of Momentum Alliance will present their own experience as a case study, showing you how they laid the foundation for change. You’ll get to take part in small groups that will give you ideas and tools you can use in your own organizations.

 Drumbeat_AncientSoln2EblastOne of the challenges of trust-building is that not everyone marches to the same beat. “An Ancient Solution Re-imagined for Modern Times”, offers an alternative way of getting people together using hand-drumming. Alan Beattie will show how DRUMBEAT® mixes music, psychology and neurobiology to help people connect with others – and themselves. Get an idea of how it works in this video. And yes, you’ll have a chance in the 90-minute session to pound the drums yourself – literally, a hands-on experience! – and see how DRUMBEAT®’s techniques might apply in your own practice. 

Bergman_ManagePolarEblastHaving groups polarized on key issues comes with the territory for P2 practitioners, and veteran communicator Eric Bergman will offer a new way of addressing that issue in his session, “Managing Polarization in Public Consultation”. You’ll learn about The Polarization Model, which helps track, understand and manage polarization, using a spectrum ranging from “Openly Hostile” to “Openly Supportive” with “No Opinion” in the middle. You’ll learn techniques for turning “Openly Hostile” views into something positive.

You’ll also look at bridging truth and transparency, and Eric will offer what he calls a novel definition of transparency: “Ask me anything.”


SPECTRUM ON TRIAL – IAP2 Australasia 2015 Conference in Perth

December 15, 2015 Leave a comment

IAP2 Australasia released this video featuring highlights of the IAP2 Spectrum review at the IAP2 Australasia 2015 Conference in Perth in October. Although the comment period is now closed and we will be releasing a draft report in January at which time additional comments can be added, we thought you would be interested to watch the IAP2 Australasia video.



14 December 2015

One of the highlights from the IAP2 Australasia 2015 Conference in Perth was the Spectrum on Trial session. All delegates were invited to attend the session as jurors and heard arguments from the prosecution and defence about whether any changes should be made to the IAP2 Spectrum.

Before they heard arguments the jurors shared their views on changes to the Spectrum. Following the 45 minute presentation and workshop the jurors shared their thoughts again and there was overwhelming support for the continuation of the Spectrum, perhaps with some minor tweaks. Their notes and thoughts from their posts have been included in this report.


This video, discussion and report will be forwarded to IAP2 Canada who have been asked to review the Spectrum.

IAP2 is committed to advancing the practice of public participation and the Spectrum is one of the many tools we have available. The Spectrum is widely used across Australia and New Zealand and we are pleased to see so many practitioners and organisations embracing IAP2 principles and tools. It is important that we continue to innovate and review our practice methods and tools, but this session affirmed our commitment to the Spectrum!

The IAP2 Quality Assurance Standard for Community and Stakeholder Engagement is also referred to in the video and it is available for download here.

Thank you again to all who were involved in this session and for advancing the practice.

Michelle Blicavs
IAP2 Australasia CEO

Deadlines approaching for the North American Conference!

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Portland Oregon Skyline Mt Hood Black and White IllustrationThe upcoming 2015 IAP2 North American Conference is now, officially, the best-attended yet! As of July 28, we crossed the 225 mark … with almost 6 weeks to go! Thank you to all who have registered so far, we look forward to seeing you – and many more – in Portland in September.

Of course, this surge in attendance also means that rooms at our official Conference hotel, the DoubleTree by Hilton in Lloyd Center, are getting scarce. As of July 17, there were fewer than 40 rooms still available at the Conference rate (starting at US $149/night), and those are just for Wed. Sept. 9 and Thursday, Sept. 10. All other nights are now sold out at the conference rate.

If you are booking for the Wednesday and Thursday night only, please go to the hotel’s IAP2 North American Conference webpage, available 24/7. If you want to book both the Wednesday/Thursday at special conference rate and other nights at hotel rates please contact the hotel directly at 503-281-6111. Their reservations department is open Monday – Friday from 8 AM to 4 PM. The IAP2 North American Conference group code is NA9 – please refer to this code when booking.

*** Participants are responsible for their own hotel reservations. ***

IAP2 Coffee logo 2015Did you know … that your registration fee includes a pre-conference workshop? On Wednesday, Sept. 9, you can take part in “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion – Portland-style” – a series of interactive presentations on the way the issue of inclusion is addressed in Portland and the state of Oregon as a whole. For IAP2 members not attending the conference, it costs US $75 to take part; $100 for non-members not attending the conference.

Don’t delay! As of August 1st, regular prices to attend the Conference take effect, going up US $100 to $625.00 for IAP2 members and $775 for non-members. Register now and take advantage of those early-bird rates!

Students! You only have a few more days to apply for a scholarship to attend the Conference! The deadline is July 31; find out more information here.

Certification Pilot Project Up and Running – Apply Today!

June 25, 2015 5 comments

It’s here! After two years of development, IAP2 USA is proud to present the pilot professional certification program. Be one of the first IAP2 Members to apply for this brand new certification program for P2 professionals, and help us fine tune the certification process.

In September 2015, IAP2 USA will conduct a pilot for the new professional certification program. The assessment process was developed by a task force of IAP2 members from USA, Canada, and South Africa in consultation with our membership. The program offers a 2-level certification award: Certified Public Participation Professional and Master Certified Public Participation Professional. Credentials are awarded upon completion and evaluation of a 3-step assessment of candidates, based on 5 core competencies that were identified through the membership consultation process.

  • Download and review the information kit
  • Step 1: Submit an application
  • Step 2: Prepare a response to a case study
  • Step 3: Attend an in-person assessment

Learn more online by clicking here.

Key Information
We’ve developed a detailed information kit that outlines the process for applying, available here. Please review the kit carefully and let us know if you have any questions before applying. Here is some key information:

  • Eligibility: All IAP2 members in good standing who have completed the 5-day IAP2 Foundations in Public Participation (formerly Certificate Course) are eligible.
  • Cost: $225 for application review; $2925 to participate in case study and Assessment Center (upon invitation after submitting your application).

Key Dates

  • Applications open: June 25, 2015
  • Applications close: July 20, 2015
  • Pilot Assessment Center: September 11-12, 2015 (in Portland, following the 2015 IAP2 North American Conference

Contact us at – we would be pleased to help.

We look forward to your participation in the exciting new program for IAP2 USA!

More Exciting Opportunities in Portland!

June 4, 2015 Leave a comment

The 2015 IAP2 North American Conference is only 3-1/2 months away! It’s our annual opportunity to soak in new ideas and approaches, meet old friends and make new ones. There are four fascinating keynote speakers and 50 sessions, as well as a pre-Conference workshop you won’t want to miss: “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Portland-style” will go ahead on Wednesday, Sept. 9; the price is included in your registration fee. Check out the Conference webpage and the Schedule-at-a-Glance.

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Coming In June: Open Mic — Your Questions, Please

May 25, 2015 Leave a comment

You’ve got questions? We’ll find the answers in our next Monthly Webinar! On Tuesday, June 9, we’ll bring together a panel of seasoned P2 pros to address issues that matter to practitioners. This is a truly interactive session, and that means we need your participation: we need you to send in questions ahead of time.

What kind of questions?  How about:

  • How do you reach out to and engage the “silent stakeholders” in a process?
  • How do you convince your company or organization to go beyond the “mandated” or “regulatory” P2 and do something more meaningful?
  • Are “old” P2 processes obsolete?

Those are just some starters to get your own creative juices flowing. Please submit questions you might have to us at  And whether you have questions or no, please join us – Tuesday, June 9 at 2pm (Eastern)

Register >>

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