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IAP2 Georgia Kick-Off: August 5 in Atlanta, GA

Welcome to Georgia!

Welcome to Georgia!” by kenlund is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

Great news, everyone! After a year of prep work, our IAP2 Georgia chapter is starting to re-emerge.

A small group of long-time public participation enthusiasts in the greater Atlanta, Georgia metro area have decided that the time is right to revive the local chapter there, which went inactive and eventually shut down about eight years ago. Over the next six to twelve months, the team plans to first get a basic level of activity going again in Atlanta, and then from there quickly grow the chapter into a viable hub strong enough to serve the public participation community across the entire Peach State.

You’re invited to help kick things off:

IAP2 Georgia Kick-Off Mixer
Wednesday, August 5
Venue to be determined (central Atlanta)
Atlanta, GA
RSVP via Eventbrite

If you have friends or colleagues in the region who might be interested, please share this opportunity and encourage them to register.

For updates, please follow IAP2 Georgia on Twitter and like them on Facebook.

The kick-off event takes place alongside the 2015 EPA Community Involvement Training Conference, which will bring into town several hundred practitioners, including a number of current and former Board members of IAP2 USA and a few IAP2 Licensed Trainers from Canada and the United States.

We checked in with David Hovde, President of IAP2 USA, who had this to say: “I hope that you’re as excited about this development as I am! If you’re in the neighborhood, you should check it out. I know you’ll be welcomed with open arms!”

The first ten people have signed up. Hope to see you there!

Strategy and Fundraising Committee: Kick-Off Follow-Up, Invitation to Join Next Call

The newly-formed Strategy and Finance Committee kicked off the other week. Our emerging work plan includes the following areas:

  • (Re-)gain 501c3 tax-exempt status
  • Develop a short-term and long-term funding strategy
  • Evolve and complete the strategic plan
  • Align strategic plan, budget and action plan

Our next call is this coming Friday, March 13 at 9am Pacific. Agenda:

  • Welcome new committee members, incl. area of interest
  • Share progress reports, incl.
    • Update on collaboration infrastructure
    • Update on 501c3 effort
    • Assessment of income opportunities
  • Discuss work plan, agenda for coming weeks, next steps etc.
  • Prepare committee update for 03/18 Board meeting
  • Schedule upcoming meetings

If you’re interested in exploring how we can improve IAP2 USA’s long-term funding and financial health, please join us:

Call-in number: 877-915-9897
Access code: 3541711

Apologies for the short notice. We’ll announce meeting times more ahead of time starting next week. If you can’t make Friday’s call but would like to get involved, please leave a comment below or contact us, and we’ll get back to you. Thanks!

Strategy and Fundraising Committee: Call for Participation

February 24, 2015 8 comments

For the first few years since its founding in late 2010, IAP2 USA has been operating under fairly significant resource constraints. As a relatively small organization, and with most of our revenue still coming from member dues, our overall budget has been very limited. Many key initiatives and services wouldn’t be happening if it wasn’t for the amazing work of our volunteers. While a successful 2013 North America Conference and advances in other areas last year have helped stabilize the organization, a number of fundamental challenges remain.

The good news is that for the first time in many years, we finally have the bandwidth to tackle these long-standing issues head-on. To this end, the Board recently approved the creation of a new Strategy and Fundraising Committee, whose goal it is to help improve the overall financial health of the organization. Our efforts will build on the important work that was done by the Strategic Planning Task Force last year, whose updated strategic plan (DOCX) was approved by the Board in December.

So far, the committee consists of the following five Board members:

We are looking for collaborators with skills and expertise in the following areas (in no particular order):

  • Fundraising and resource development
  • Financial management
  • Foundation relations and grant writing
  • Corporate sponsorship programs
  • Membership development
  • Non-profit strategic planning
  • Association management
  • Non-profit marketing

If this is you, and if you have roughly 3-10 hours to spare per month over the next four months, please join the team!

Our kick-off call is this week:

Thursday, February 26, 2015
at 2pm Pacific Time (5pm Eastern)
Duration: 1 hour
Call in: 877-915-9897
Participant code: 3541711

The draft agenda currently looks as follows:

  1. Welcome & introductions (10′)
  2. About this committee: background, objectives, prior work, resources and materials (10′)
  3. Collaboration and decision making structure (5′)
  4. First round of idea exchange and discussion (20′)
  5. Next steps, incl. upcoming meeting schedule (10′)

If you plan to attend, or if you’d like to be notified about future meetings and opportunities to contribute, please RSVP by adding your name and contact info to the list or contact our staff.

Any comments or questions, please leave a comment below.


Journal for Public Deliberation: Volume 10, Issue 2 (2014)

December 10, 2014 Leave a comment

This just in via email from Laura W. Black, Editor of the Journal for Public Deliberation (JPD):


The Editors at the Journal of Public Deliberation are excited to announce that a new issue is now available at

This issue highlights deliberative and participatory practices in Colombia, Italy, South Korea, and Spain as well as the U.S. The articles examine a range of approaches including participatory budgeting, citizen juries, national issues forums, study circles, and informal community organizing. This issue offers advances in research methods and theory, and includes one reflection from the field and three book reviews.

Thank you to the authors and all the reviewers for their hard work on this issue. Please help us spread the word to others who may be interested in this work. We appreciate your support of JPD!


The Journal of Public Deliberation is a joint venture between the Deliberative Democracy Consortium (DDC) and the International Association for Public Participation (IAP2). It is a peer reviewed, open access journal with the principal objective of synthesizing the research, opinion, projects, experiments and experiences of academics and practitioners in the multi-disciplinary field of “deliberative democracy.”

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IAP2 NorCal: 03/09 Event “High Tech, High Touch” in San Francisco

August 14, 2014 Leave a comment

The IAP2 NorCal chapter just announced their next in-person event:

High Tech, High Touch: Using Technology for Effective Engagement Online and Offline
Wednesday, September 3, 2014
SPUR Urban Center
654 Mission Street
San Francisco, CA 94105-4015

For program details and to RSVP online, please check the event page.

Don’t miss!

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Report From IAP2 Intermountain Conference on Public Meetings

Our Intermountain Chapter recently hosted a one-day conference on public meetings. Here’s a report from Jennifer Fowler, a Project Coordinator with The Langdon Group in Salt Lake City, Utah, and one of the attendees:

IAP2 Regional Conference Wrap-up

An essential component of any industry is to learn and integrate new ways to meet client needs. Teachers receive additional training throughout their career to explore new ways to engage students. Nurses obtain certifications beyond college graduation in order to better serve their patients and provide reliable care. The public participation industry is no different.

The Langdon Group values the opportunity to send its practitioners to trainings and conferences to stay current with the evolving industry, find new ways to engage the public, and gain more experience with participation, facilitation, and mediation techniques. These opportunities often go hand-in-hand with the organizations that TLG supports.

One organization that TLG is involved in is the International Association for Public Participation (IAP2). Jennifer Fowler and Andrea Gumm are currently the Utah and Idaho state representatives for the regional IAP2 chapter. Jennifer recently helped organize and attend a regional conference in St. George, Utah.

Conference Theme and Topics
The theme of the conference was “Re-Imagining the Public Meeting.” […]

Read the full post here: IAP2 Regional Conference Wrap-up

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Report from APA in Atlanta Get Together

Last month, the American Planning Association (APA) hosted their 2014 National Planning Conference in Atlanta, GA. On the final day of the conference, a number of practitioners at the intersection of planning and public participation came together to discuss how the bridging efforts between these two communities could be improved.

Below is a report from Myles Alexander, Project Coordinator for the Center for Engagement and Community Development and Institute for Civic Discourse and Democracy at Kansas State University, who co-hosted the meetup.

Beginning with an NCDD (National Coalition for Dialogue and Deliberation) listserv post by Ron Thomas (University of Georgia), Ron, Tim Bonnemann (IAP2 USA) and Myles Alexander (Kansas State University) began talking about how to instill the practice of planning with more meaningful public participation. We organized an informal meeting during the American Planning Association (APA) conference. On Tuesday 29 April eight planners and facilitators bridging APA, IAP2 USA, NCDD and the International Association for Conflict Management (IACM) met over drinks and dinner. After introductions talked about how we can do stronger, more productive public participation.

Our beginning agenda for APA 2015 includes:

  1. Coordinate a booth featuring public participation software and our organizations.
  2. Organize regular 75 minute sessions and possible a “Deep Dive” double session that would address a skill. Several topics were mentioned:
    • What public participation can be accomplished with online media?
    • What public participation must be accomplished face-to-face?
    • How do online and face-to-face modes complement each other?
    • Engagement infrastructure (both low tech and high tech) and community building

We also talked about some long-term projects.

  • Several of us contribute to an APA published monograph on public participation in planning. The monograph series, PAS, has a long history yet public participation has been neglected.
  • Advocate for public participation with possibilities that address the fears of elected officials and local government administrators.
  • Develop working relationships among our organizations. This summer a new executive director arrives at APA. Meet with Planners Network, International City/County Management Association (ICMA), IAP2, NCDD and IACM leadership probably beginning spring 2015.

There is obviously a lot of opportunity for collaboration across communities and the various neighboring organizations that support them.

For IAP2 USA’s part, Board member Marijoan Bull will serve as coordinator for these efforts. Already, more than 20 people have expressed interest to move the conversation forward. If you’d like to get involved, please contact us.