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President’s Message – Leah Jaramillo

Leah JaramilloWho cares about P2? It turns out there are a lot of us, and for many reasons. I had the pleasure of attending the (sold out!) 2016 IAP2 North American Conference in beautiful Montreal and meeting some really inspiring and impressive IAP2 members, partners, and friends – people who have or are building P2 programs and implementing processes for clients, for their own employers, within their own municipalities and for others. P2 continues to grow and gain traction across North America…and the “who” in “who cares” is diversifying.

As I reflect back on the people I met and sessions I attended, I can say that there is a growing sense of introspection about P2 as a practice, not just how to do “good P2,” but how we as practitioners promote, advocate for and influence the practice. The take-away of this conference for me was that as we strive to improve our practice, the practice is changing. Connections across municipalities, work divisions, and job titles are taking shape more rapidly and the impetus for decision-makers to look into P2 is growing stronger. Many people touch P2 in their work-roles, and a significant percentage are not full-time practitioners. We’re talking about communications professionals, PR managers/PIOs, planners, engineers, administrators, and more. How do we implement “good” P2 across this diverse level of need? And all this before we take into account the public affected by the decision-making process!

You’re talking about it, and so are we. Not surprisingly, this is a conversation your IAP2 USA board of directors has been as well. We know you and your organizations/clients are doing great things in P2…check out this year’s Core Values Award winners! So, how do we continue to support and advocate for best practices?

Last month I encouraged you to support our Core Values by making P2 valuable and accessible across the US. Today, I’d like to encourage you to take a more active role in shaping how we, as an organization, do that. Please consider running for the US Board of Directors or joining one of our committees. Volunteer some time to make this organization work for you.

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