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Cascade Chapter Hosts Standing Room Only PI Network



By Heather Coston, Metro Communications

On March 10, Cascade Chapter hosted a standing-room-only PI Network titled “Visuals for Public Engagement” presented by Nitya Wakhlu of Drawbridge Innovations and Darren Cools of Darren Cools Illustration and Design.

As one who has always envied other people’s natural ability to draw while I find it difficult to create simple stick figures, I never would have believed I could use art to engage and communicate with others. Nitya and Darren want people to know that anyone can use hand-drawn visuals to cut through the noise and make the complex simple. During their presentation, the duo demonstrated how visual communication helps you listen and talk to people across cultural and language differences. As Nitya put it, “visuals speak to the heart.” Graphic recording, also described as graphic listening, uses color and images to capture thoughts and ideas while they are shared. The interactive session showed participants how anyone can use live graphic recording with practice –artistic talent not required. As we sat around the room learning to draw box and bean people, I grew more confident that with practice even I can use some illustrations for storytelling (but I will probably leave graphic recording to the professionals).

Cascade PI Network, P2 cvisuals3, 3-10-16

Cascade Chapter PI Network, March 10, 2016 – “Visuals for Public Engagement”



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