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From the President, David Hovde

David HovdeGreetings to you from sunny, warm (if you’re inside) and beautiful northeastern Wisconsin!

Like many of you, I find that the last few weeks of December provide a wonderful opportunity to reflect on the previous year. This December is surely no exception.

For me, December 31 will mark the end of five years of service on the Board of IAP2 USA – the last one as the organization’s president. It has truly, been a privilege and an honor to serve IAP2 USA and its members.

Special thanks to Doug Zenn, director, past president and Federation representative, and to Lance Robertson, director and past Federation representative, who also finish out their respective terms on the board at the end of this year.

IAP2 USA has surely had a fair amount of success over the past several years. This past year, in particular, has been especially successful in light of a number of important achievements, including:

  • Membership is up sharply and continues to trend in that direction.
  • Our first Skills Symposium, held in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Next year’s event is scheduled for February in San Diego, California. Registration is open now, by the way.
  • The (pilot) Certification process, resulting in three IAP2 USA members – John Godec, Doug Sarno and Steven Wolf – each receiving the designation of Master Certified Public Participation Professional. Congratulations to each of them, too!
  • A “sold out” North American Conference in Portland, Oregon. Next year’s conference will be held in September in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. We hope to see you there!

Let me be the first to say – and say loudly – that the successes of IAP2 USA have not been because of me. (In fact, I’ve often thought that they have come about in spite of me.) Rather, our successes and other achievements are to the full credit of the whole of the board of directors and more than ever the staff — Yeah for Amelia Shaw, Jennifer Armstrong and Janice Boggs!the Chapters, the committees, the task forces, the many other volunteers, members and friends of IAP2 USA! It is each of you – individually and collectively – who help to sustain, grow, and move the organization forward.

So, congratulations on your success, and thank you very much for your energy, your enthusiasm, your ideas, your creativity and your help! I encourage you to continue to support IAP2 USA with your time, your energy and your involvement in the years ahead. They promise to be good ones.

Happy Holidays to all!

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