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SPECTRUM ON TRIAL – IAP2 Australasia 2015 Conference in Perth

IAP2 Australasia released this video featuring highlights of the IAP2 Spectrum review at the IAP2 Australasia 2015 Conference in Perth in October. Although the comment period is now closed and we will be releasing a draft report in January at which time additional comments can be added, we thought you would be interested to watch the IAP2 Australasia video.



14 December 2015

One of the highlights from the IAP2 Australasia 2015 Conference in Perth was the Spectrum on Trial session. All delegates were invited to attend the session as jurors and heard arguments from the prosecution and defence about whether any changes should be made to the IAP2 Spectrum.

Before they heard arguments the jurors shared their views on changes to the Spectrum. Following the 45 minute presentation and workshop the jurors shared their thoughts again and there was overwhelming support for the continuation of the Spectrum, perhaps with some minor tweaks. Their notes and thoughts from their posts have been included in this report.


This video, discussion and report will be forwarded to IAP2 Canada who have been asked to review the Spectrum.

IAP2 is committed to advancing the practice of public participation and the Spectrum is one of the many tools we have available. The Spectrum is widely used across Australia and New Zealand and we are pleased to see so many practitioners and organisations embracing IAP2 principles and tools. It is important that we continue to innovate and review our practice methods and tools, but this session affirmed our commitment to the Spectrum!

The IAP2 Quality Assurance Standard for Community and Stakeholder Engagement is also referred to in the video and it is available for download here.

Thank you again to all who were involved in this session and for advancing the practice.

Michelle Blicavs
IAP2 Australasia CEO

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