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Stakeholders Matter …right?

Learn to design and implement inclusive engagement processes!

Inclusion matters, but many of us didn’t learn how to “do” inclusive engagement and are learning on the fly. This is your chance to get caught up with authentic best practices to improve your reach and results. annecarroll

Join Anne Carroll, co-owner of Carroll Franck & Associates and IAP2 USA board member, for a two-day exploration of designing public engagement processes with stakeholders at the center.

You’ll have the opportunity to:

  • Become aware of the spectrum of diversity and understand what happens when engagement doesn’t account for that dimensionality
  • Recognize the value and critical importance of bringing multiple perspectives to complex issues
  • Learn how to define clear objectives for increasing and deepening diversity within public engagement efforts
  • Explore underrepresentation, how to recognize and explain it, and what to do to correct it
  • Develop ethical and effective approaches and techniques for supporting and engaging diverse participants
  • Gain experience in stakeholder identification and appropriate participation tools
  • Understand how to evaluate and redesign during implementation
  • Know how to carry forward into their work the learnings that emerge from this session

Add inclusive design to your public participation toolbox to create public participation projects with reach and results!

Learn more  |  Register now  |  2016 Skills Symposium

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