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Conference keynoter spotlight: Nanci Luna Jimenez

Lance Robertson, IAP2 USA Board Member

Nanci Luna JimenezThis year’s IAP2 North American Conference in Portland, Oregon, (Sept. 9-11) features four groundbreaking and thought-provoking keynote speakers, in addition to the more than 50 break-out sessions and other activities.

One of those keynoters, Nanci Luna Jimenez, is recognized regionally, nationally and internationally for her highly effective and insightful training, inclusive facilitation and dynamic speaking with groups of diverse ages, industries and cultural backgrounds. She founded Luna Jiménez Seminars & Associates in 1994 to design and deliver unique programs that encourage individuals in their process of personal transformation, with a goal of creating a more just and equitable workplace and world.

On Friday morning of the conference, Nanci will explore the following theme: “No Recipes, Just Relationships: Looking Inward to Change the Outward Expression of Public Participation.”

“As we bump up against project deadlines and budgetary limits, we might be tempted to look for tips and techniques to increase the appearance of diversity or bolster well-intentioned efforts at inclusion,” she says. “Unfortunately, using specific recipes – as enticing as they can be – often builds greater cynicism and decreases trust among communities.”

During Friday’s presentation, Nanci will elevate our conversation around diversity, inclusion, equity and justice. She will ask us to look inward, personally and as a profession, to grapple with our internal barriers and biases. She will invite us to look outward, to name and understand systemic oppressions and their results. She will explore the importance of listening and emotional healing, for ourselves and others; authenticity; trust; and context as she invites us toward a greater willingness to risk vulnerability. She will encourage us to re-establish relationships as the basis for our work in shifting the face and language of public dialogue.

In addition to Friday’s keynote address, other plenary speakers are:

Andrew DeVigal, an Emmy-award winning innovative strategist who builds bridges by connecting ideas and people together to produce meaningful and interactive stories.

Denis Hayes, one of Look magazine’s 100 Most Influential Americans of the 20th Century, a Time magazine Hero of the Planet, and Jefferson Medal for Outstanding Public Service winner who has a message of hope for those working for a more just and sustainable world.

Anne Udall, Vice Chair of the Udall Foundation, which is dedicated to leadership development and conflict resolution in key policy areas.

For more on our keynoters, as well as a list of all the breakout sessions and pre-conference workshop, go to: http://www.iap2usa.org/na2015conf

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