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Member Spotlight: Michael Dahlstrom

Mike Dahlstrom

Mike Dahlstrom, Cascade Chapter Scholarship Committee Chair

Mike Dahlstrom is a senior planner with the Washington County Oregon Department of Land Use and Transportation. He was hired to conduct public involvement for large, long-range community and transportation planning efforts and coordinate those efforts region-wide. Mike has been a member of IAP2 USA for almost 12 years, having joined at a time when he was working in public policy mediation. He became involved with the Cascade chapter scholarship program about three years ago in response to a request for chapter members to help with the review and selection process. The scholarship program was launched eight years ago and with the 2015 awards has generated $45,000 in scholarships to date.

This year he managed the program which involved coordinating with committee members to establish the parameters for this year’s program – setting deadlines for applications, creating a timeline for review and selection, scheduling interviews, final selection and notification – and coordinating with university contacts to promote the opportunity to students. The scholarship program is open to students in various programs at the University of Oregon and Portland State University, e.g.,  Urban Planning and Public Administration.

The chapter continues its efforts to increase student awareness of the scholarship, build closer collaboration with university administrators, and continue chapter support for student-led efforts such as the University of Oregon Students for Public Participation (UOSP2) that grew out of the program. “The Cascade Chapter scholarship program meets the IAP2 core mission of expanding the practice and providing access to internationally recognized best practices in public engagement,” said Mike. “What could possibly be better than supporting students in their careers?” The Cascade Chapter is proud of the opportunity to give back to the profession in such a profound and active way.

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