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A Unique Chance to Ask the Experts! – The IAP2 June Webinar

Sharing our expertise is one of the pillars of the P2 profession (Clause #10 in the IAP2 Code of Ethics: “Support of the Practice”), and the IAP2  Monthly Webinar for June gives you a unique opportunity to gain insights
and tap into the expertise of a panel of experts.

Open Mic: Ask the Experts!” – Tuesday, June 9, 2pm Eastern – is a first for us: a webinar where you get to set the topic by submitting questions ahead of time, which our panelists will address “live” during the webinar. Is there a P2 technique you’ve considered trying, but wonder if it will work? Are you facing a P2 project in an unfamiliar area? Our panelists can help you come up with answers.

All together, our panelists boast over 100 years’ experience in the field, covering a wide range of subject areas:

Kyle Bozentko, IAP2 USA Board Member and executive-director of the Jefferson Center in St Paul, MN
Anne Carroll, member of IAP2 since 2000; specialist in ensuring diversity in engagement
Bruce Gilbert, 2015 President of IAP2 Canada and Assistant Deputy Minister for public engagement in the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador
Anne Harding, Past-President of IAP2 Canada, specializing in Aboriginal engagement
David Hovde, president of IAP2 USA, whose background includes work in finance and real estate as well as the energy sector.
Brenda Pichette, whose work involves a variety of facilitation and consultation projects, as well as the Contaminated Sites Public Involvement Team in Ontario
Dr John Poynton, Executive Director of Organizational Development for St. Vrain Valley Schools in Longmont, Colorado. In 2014, St. Vrain Valley Schools received IAP2’s USA and International Research Project of the Year Awards.
Vince Verlaan of Modus, an urban design and community engagement company; Vince himself has over 25 years’ experience in multi-stakeholder policy creation and facilitation.
Carol Ann Wolfgang, specialist in alternative dispute resolution with an interest in natural resources and environmental issues.

Submit your questions now here. But you don’t have to submit a question in order to take part. Join us to find out what questions others have: maybe you have them, too.

As always, our webinars are free for IAP2 members, so make sure you’re registered by clicking here. (Remember the two-stage process: follow the url in your registration confirmation email to secure your “seat” at our virtual webinar table.)



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