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A NEW program for IAP2 USA – Be a part of the new IAP2 USA Mentorship Program!

IAP2 USA is pleased to announce that we will now be offering our members a terrific professional development opportunity through our brand new Mentorship Program. As this is a new initiative, our first Mentorship session will be a six month pilot project (May-November). We are looking for up to eight mentors and 8 mentees to join us as we create the made-in-USA version of a Program currently being provided by IAP2 Canada. Please think about participating and join us in this exciting opportunity.

The Mentorship Program connects those new to the P2 profession (the mentees) with experienced P2 practitioners (the mentors), who provide a sounding board, advice and general wisdom on best practices and potential pitfalls. The form of the mentoring relationship is determined by the individual pairings, developing their own “Terms of Reference” and framework for the mentorship program.

This program not only provides additional learning and professional development opportunities for those new to the field, but also offers seasoned practitioners the opportunity to live part of IAP2’s Code of Ethics: SUPPORT OF THE PRACTICE. We will mentor new practitioners in the field and educate decision makers and the public about the value and use of public participation.

IAP2 USA // 855.424.7552 // info@iap2usa.org

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