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Citizen Engagement in Cities, Evaluating P2, highlight upcoming IAP2 Webinars

Following up on the popularity of our December webinar on how engaged cities involved their residents and communities we are pleased to continue the conversation.  Citizens in Melbourne, Australia, are regarded as some of the more engaged in the world, and in our April Learning Webinar, we’ll find out how that came to be, and how it can be done in your own P2 projects. Desley Renton, the City of Melbourne’s Manager of Community Engagement, and Community Engagement Officer Kate Henderson, will help us understand how to “Create a Framework for Citizen Engagement” at the local city/municipal level.

Melbourne’s project to establish that framework won Core Values Awards from IAP2 Australasia and the IAP2 Federation (2014 Project of the Year). This webinar is on Tuesday, April 14 at a special time: 4pm Eastern Daylight Time (due to the time difference in Australia).

More information and to register >>

In May, we’ll tackle one of the great questions in the P2 profession: “Is it working?” Evaluating Your P2 Process, Tuesday, May 12, will feature some leaders in evaluation. Dr Julia Abelson of McMaster University, Geoff Wilson of the Capital District Health Authority in Halifax, and Charmagne Campbell-Patton and Michael Quinn Patton and of Utilization-Focused Evaluation in St Paul, MN. With them, you’ll learn how the principles they’ve discovered and put to work can be applied to your own practice.

Julia, Geoff and their team won Research Project of the Year at the 2014 IAP2 Canada Core Values Awards for “PPEET” – the Patient and Public Engagement Evaluation Tool. Michael is a former president of the American Evaluation Association and has authored several books on the subject; Charmagne is a former Program Officer at Innovations in Civic Participation in Washington, DC, and co-author of “Conceptualizing and Evaluating Youth Civic Engagement Programs”in the Handbook of Research on Civic Engagement in Youth..

This webinar will take place at the usual starting time: 2pm EDT, May 12.

More information and to register >>

As always, our webinars are free for IAP2 members and only $50 for non-members. And better hurry: if interest in this is anything like the interest for this most recent webinar, seats will fill up quickly, and we’re limited to 100.

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