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As social media users, we seek likes, shares, comments, and retweets as at least a surface indicator of how we’re doing with our Facebook Page/Twitter Account/LinkedIn Profile. We facilitate conversations and encourage interactions, creating opportunities for fans and followers to build connections. The question is – how do we source and leverage great content to boost interactions? Here are few ways:

1. Be Visible with “Weight”
With the launch of Facebook Timeline, engagement is increasingly important for achieving visibility in users’ news and activity feeds. We know that Facebook’s complex algorithm for determining visibility is largely affected by three factors: affinity, weight, and timeliness. Posts that contain videos, photos, and links hold more “weight.” These shareable posts appear in more feeds and incite more interactions, ultimately increasing reach potential. The bottom line is this: the ultimate driver for high visibility and ongoing engagement is compelling, quality content.

2. Monitor and Join Ongoing Conversations
Photos and videos are highly shareable, but real-time conversations provide great opportunities to make you visible. Look at trending topics on Twitter and craft real-time tweets to weigh in. See what topics are gaining steam on your own personal Facebook feed, and determine whether you could offer a meaningful contribution to the conversation. If your followers enjoy your posts, they will engage with and amplify your content.

3. Go Where Your Followers Spend Time
This is the one time where it’s socially acceptable to invite yourself to the party. Seek out the forums and discussion boards where your followers are sharing ideas and links. Look at their conversations on Twitter. Read the blogs they follow and the ones they share on LinkedIn. Glance at their Pinterest boards. Go where your followers spend time and talk about what they talk about. Use your creativity and start conversations about what matters most to them!

Sources: Edelman Digital

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