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December Message from the IAP2 USA President

President’s Message:

At times, some of those in our field bemoan the speed of progress. Rare are instances, they say, when we see ground-breaking changes in public involvement approaches or organizational cultures. More often, we see slow progress and small tweaks.

Sometimes it can be a bit discouraging when our initiatives take longer to implement than we hope, when changes come slowly. But there is hope and change is on the horizon.

I attended IAP2’s Federation board meeting last month The Federation brings together all of the affiliate members of the organization—US, Canada, Australia, Italy, South Africa and others. While the board meeting was useful (more on that in a moment), the dinner with board members was truly enlightening.

As we shared stories, it was clear that worldwide, IAP2 community involvement in decision making –the IAP2 way–is on an incredible upswing. Small tweaks, on a global scale add up. The international organization has more members than it has ever had.

The US affiliate is contributing much to this. Opportunities to make connections through our organization continue to grow. More opportunities to connect are on the way. Professional certification beyond our professional Public Participation courses is around the bend. Core competencies for our field have been developed and vetted.

Our subcommittees continue to get stronger and are contributing in our priority services. In the coming months, we’re adding new members to our board and continuing to build our working capacity. It looks pretty bright in 2015.

Of course, the future doesn’t come without challenges. As an international organization with a relatively new governing structure, it should be of no surprise that new opportunities arise and improvements can be made. The affiliates understand each other much better and the opportunities to collaborate are coming more frequently. It’s a healthy, though sometimes difficult, conversation to have because of the potential changes it may bring. The good news is that the Federation is committed to keep working together on this collaboratively.

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