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Student & Young Practitioners: Updates


The Language of Online Leadership: Gender and Youth Engagement on the Internet

Kim Ferriman, Vanderbilt University

“A widespread fear exists that young people are losing a sense of the importance of community involvement. Youth organizations worry that young people see themselves less and less as stakeholders in public life, take a decreasing responsibility for their communities, and possess a diminished ability to lead and work with others toward common interests (Delli Carpini, 2000; Flanagan, 2004; Lerner, 2004).” 

“These results reassure us that young people can be civically engaged and community minded, while indicating that these concepts themselves may change through contact with the next generation.” 



Youth Conferences as a Context for Engagement

S. Mark Pancer, Linda Rose-Krasnor, and Lisa Loiselle, Centre of Excellence for Youth Engagement

“In this article, we provide a definition and conceptual framework for youth engagement, discuss some of the developmental outcomes associated with engagement, and then describe how youth conferences can foster the engagement process.”



  1. August 18, 2014 at 6:08 pm

    These would make great starts to a thesis!

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