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IAP2 NA Conference– Update #4

2014 IAP2 North American Conference
Sept. 28-30, 2014 / Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Weeks to go


UPDATE #4 – week of Monday, July 14, 2014


The IAP2 2014 North American Conference will feature presentations and activities, all designed by P2 professionals to educate, inspire and encourage other P2 practitioners. Each week until the start of the Conference, we’ll send you updates on what you can look forward to.

KEYNOTE ADDRESS – Tuesday, Sept. 30 – Dr. Cindy Blackstock 

Dr. Cindy Blackstock, Executive Director of the First Nations Child and Family Caring Society of Canada, will be our keynote speaker on Tuesday, Sept. 30.  She will discuss her work as a scholar and practitioner and how this is deeply rooted in community and involves working closely with Aboriginal groups, elders and families. Dr Blackstock will also share her extensive experience and ongoing efforts to ensure that the needs of communities are reflected in and have an impact on policy decisions, a key IAP2 core value, and an ongoing challenge for practitioners and communities.

Her work exemplifies the values of meaningful engagement and ensures that those most affected are involved in identifying issues and developing evidence-based solutions.

In this interview with Drew Snider, Dr Blackstock describes the current and historic human rights challenges facing First Nations communities in Canada, particularly children. While an approach grounded in P2 principles is an important ingredient in addressing these challenges, political will appears to be lacking.

“When I look at those P2 principles,” Dr Blackstock says, “it is so important that we as Canadians re-embrace our obligation to be the government of Canada … if we want a transparent government that works in the public interest then we need to be engaged as members of the public in ensuring that that happens.” 



Those attending the Conference can look forward to a unique opportunity to enhance their knowledge while in Winnipeg. A training session is being arranged for Saturday, Sept. 27 — the day before the Conference begins. Details are still being worked out, so watch for next week’s update!




SESSION – Tuesday, 9/29: “Millennials as P2 Practitioners: stories and reflections from a new generation of public engagement professionals”

What better metaphor for the theme of this Conference — “Reflecting Forward” — than to look at who makes up the next generation of P2 Practitioners? Lindsay Wiginton interviewed up-and-coming young practitioners, including urban planning students at McGill University in Montréal who are specializing in P2. In her presentation, Lindsay will give us an idea of why they’re interested in P2, what values they’re carrying on from the previous generations, what values they might challenge, and what the “Net Generation” can offer the practice?


For information on all the sessions and their presenters, read the “Schedule-at-a-Glance” and “Meet the Presenters” on the North American Conference website.



Welcome to our Welcomers! – We are pleased to welcome PlaceSpeak onboard as a sponsor. In fact, they’ll be sponsoring our opening night welcome event, taking part in the Technology Fair and exhibiting throughout the Conference! So make sure you stop by the PlaceSpeak booth and say “thanks for the drinks!”

The Technology Fair will showcase a variety of innovations that could help your practice in the future. How, exactly? You’ll be able to ask that question of the developers and providers themselves. And if you or your company would like to show off a technological innovation that can help engage more members of the public, please contact Anne Hardingfor information on being part of the fair.

There are still lots of opportunities to sponsor a citizen — someone who would benefit from being at the Conference but who can’t afford the registration fee. You can sponsor for a single day at $550, or the whole Conference for $850. Again, please contact Anne for more information.


Procrastinators of the world, unite when you get a moment!

For those of you who have gone from, “I still have until the end of July” to “I ONLY have until the end of July!”, ahem: 

You only have until the end of July — two weeks — to register for the Conference at theearly-bird rates.

Prices go up as of August 1. (Remember that if you’re a speaker/presenter, a student or a member
 of IAP2 USA or any other affiliate outside Canada, you need to contact us to get your registration code.)

You have a bit more time left in which to cash in on the special Conference rate offered by the host hotel, the Radisson Winnipeg Downtown, but only if you reserve before August 27.


Basins and Bisons — The Lake Winnipeg Basin stretches from Lake Superior t the Rocky Mountains and south into South Dakota. It’s home to 7 million people and 17 million head of livestock (including bison – the provincial animal of Manitoba). But the lake itself — one of the 10 largest freshwater lakes in the world — is so shallow, it’s particularly susceptible to climate change.

The Manitoba Museum, located near the Radisson Hotel, is currently building its newest display,The H2O Solution, which looks at the importance of the Lake Winnipeg Basin.

The Museum also features exhibits covering dinosaurs to the present day, history both human and natural. You’ll find sacred artifacts from First Nations treaty negotiations more than 150 years ago, the HBC (Hudson’s Bay Company) Collection, which reflects the Canada’s roots in the fur trade, and if the world is not enough, the Planetarium takes you into the deepest reaches of the universe. 

The Manitoba Museum is a great extra-curricular activity you can take in during your stay, and since it’s located near the Radisson Hotel, you don’t have to go very far. For more information, visit www.manitobamuseum.ca.



What’s on in town? — Lots of things are happening in and around Winnipeg during the Conference. Find some ideas here.

Remember: you can get Conference information any time by visiting the 2014 IAP2 North American Conference website.

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