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2014 IAP2 North American Conference – Weekly Update

2014 IAP2 North American Conference
Sept. 28-30, 2014
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Weeks to go

UPDATE #3 – week of Monday, July 7, 2014

The IAP2 2014 North American Conference will feature presentations and activities, all designed by P2 professionals to educate, inspire and encourage other P2 practitioners. Each week until the start of the Conference, we’ll send you updates on what you can look forward to.


Have you registered? Have you booked your room(s)? You now have less than one month left to register for the Conference at the“early-bird” rates. Prices go up as of August 1. (Remember that if you’re a speaker/presenter, a student or a member of IAP2 USA or any other affiliate outside Canada, you need to contact us to get your registration code.)You have a bit more time left in which to cash in on the special Conference rate offered by the host hotel, the Radisson Winnipeg Downtown, but only if you reserve before August 27.


SESSION – Tues. 09/30 — “The Future is Online and Social”

The theme of our Conference is the future of public engagement, and award-winning documentary producer Keren Flavell will show how that future is about online engagement. It’s not supposed to be a substitute for offline — face-to-face — conversation, but these tools are intended to complement offline practices. In her general session, Keren will look at some of the emerging trends and give you an idea of how, as citizens become more connected and more engaged, their demands will change.

Keren Flavell has been designing websites for 20 years, and consults for leading Australian broadcasters and government agencies.

SESSION – Tues. 09/30 — Try a technique: “Igniting Public Engagement — Why Stories Matter”
Are you ready to tell stories? No, we don’t mean, “These two P2 professionals walk into a bar …”, but gathering and sharing narratives as part of a P2 project. Pattie Lacroix is a master of the practice of using story-telling to bring in people most likely to be affected by a decision. Many issues can get caught between the desire to move forward and confusion over how best to do it, and “narrative engagement” is an effective way to strengthen relationships and provide meaningful input. This session will give you some experience in narrative techniques and will provide you with a list of resources for building your own narrative engagement practice. 

Pattie Lacroix has spent over 20 years consulting for organizations across Canada, the USA, Africa and Asia. She is currently Director of Communications for the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Nova Scotia and has just written her first book, Making Change Happen: Why Stories Matter.


For information on all the sessions and their presenters, read the “Conference-at-a-glance” and “Meet the Presenters” on the North American Conference website.


Technology Fair The theme of Keren Flavell’s session — Online Engagement — could carry over into our Technology Fair this year. Once again, we’re pleased to present the Fair, building on the success of last year’s feature at the North American Conference in Salt Lake City. Come and learn about existing and emerging innovations and hear from the developers and providers themselves as to how you can make those tools work for your practice. If you have a technological innovation that can help engage more members of the public and would like the chance to show it off, please contact Anne Harding.


Money Makes the World Go ‘Round  … and it also helps people who ordinarily couldn’t afford to attend the Conference, to come and take part. The Sponsor-a-Citizen Bursary Program has been established to cover the registration fee for post-secondary students, people working at non-profit organizations or community group representatives. We’re excited to announce that Delaney and Associates is the latest to sponsor a citizen! You or your company can sponsor a citizen for as little as $550 for a single day, or $850 for the whole conference. Who knows what seeds you’ll be sowing by helping someone get involved … with involvement!

There are lots of opportunities to help pay the bills for the entire conference, too. If you or your company would like more information on any of our sponsorship opportunities, please click on the wheelbarrow or contact Anne Harding.


Art, Architecture and a Universal Message — By the time we all converge on Winnipeg for the Conference, the Canadian Museum of Human Rights (pictured) will have been open for a week. The culmination of seven years of planning, designing and building, the Museum is intended to be a reliable center for education and a stunning tourist attraction, as well. You can check out some really cool videos here, including one featuring the Canadian Tenors performing amid the construction site. We’re pleased to be able to offer a visit to the Museum as an optional extra-curricular activity during the conference. Contact Kate Moir for details on admission prices and any group arrangements; as well as for information on other “extra-curricular” activities during Conference Time.


What’s on in town? — Lots of things are happening in and around Winnipeg during the Conference. Find some ideas here.

Remember: you can get Conference information any time by visiting the 2014 IAP2 North American Conference website.

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