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North American Conference Update #2


2014 IAP2 North American Conference / Sept. 28-30, 2014 / Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada Weeks to go13

UPDATE #2 – week of Monday, June 30, 2014


The IAP2 2014 North American Conference will feature presentations and activities, all designed by P2 professionals to educate, inspire and encourage other P2 practitioners. Each week until the start of the Conference, we’ll send you updates on what you can look forward to.=====


SESSION – Mon. 9/29— “Learning to Ride”: Bike Lanes, City Council and the Public

Few issues can ignite passions in Canada’s cities like bike lanes. The idea of reserving road space for bicycles seems innocuous enough: a route where cyclists can ride in relative safety. But the changes required affect different people in different ways, as the City of Edmonton found out when it instituted a network, beginning in 2010. For one thing, the lag time between policy and implementation created public tensions, which led to some well-publicized outrage through 2013. As a result, the City brought in Michelle Chalifoux and Katie Soles to design an enhanced consultation process. In so doing, some valuable lessons were learned about addressing an underlying problem for many P2 professionals: instilling faith in the public that the process does work and that their views are being heard and taken into account. In “Learning to Ride,” you will get some insights into how to gain trust and credibility by involving elected officials in the process and share some lessons in balancing administrative, political and public interests.

SESSION – Mon. 9/29 — “Using innovative, strength-based leadership to promote community engagement”

The theme of trust and credibility is also a part of this presentation by Jay Rodgers, Martin Itzkow and Kim Thomas, leaders of a project to develop the New Canadian Education and Awareness Initiative (NCEAI) for Manitoba’s General Child and Family Services Authority. The project involved finding more innovative approaches to construct a shared vision of sustainable and authentic community engagement. Jay, Martin and Kim realized that the external partners had to see and believe that they were an integral part of the process and the outcome, and not just recipients of services. In this session, you will learn about an innovative model for strength-based community engagement and see how risk can be mitigated when the vision and planning are shared with all those concerned. For information on all the sessions and their presenters, read the “Conference-at-a-glance” and “Meet the Presenters” on the North American Conference website.


Deadlines are loomingremember that you have one month left to register for the Conference at the “early-bird” rates. Prices go up as of August 1. (Remember that if you’re a speaker/presenter, a student or a member of IAP2 USA or any other affiliate outside Canada, you need to contact us to get your registration code.)You can also cash in on the special Conference rate offered by the host hotel, the Radisson Winnipeg Downtown, but only if you reserve before August 27.



Technology Fairas a P2 professional, you want to make sure you reach the broadest spectrum of the public possible. Thanks to modern technology, the number and scope of tools is constantly growing to help you do just that. Once again this year, we are pleased to present the Technology Fair, building on the success of the Fair at last year’s Conference in Salt Lake City, with even more innovations on display and providers on-hand to discuss them. If you have a technological innovation that can help engage more members of the public and would like the chance to show it off, please contact Anne Harding.


Just the Bear Facts, ma’am! — The town of Churchill, Manitoba, is a two-day train trip, more than 900 miles (1500 km) north of Winnipeg. It is legendary for its inhabitants — great, big, white, furry inhabitants often seen strolling through the streets. On Sunday, Sept. 28, climb on board our Polar (Bear) Express to Assiniboine Park Zoo for the “Journey to Churchill” (have a look at the video here). Carrying messages of biodiversity, climate change and conservation, “Journey to Churchill” is a “three-dimensional, four-season, five-sense educational classroom like none other.” It costs $10.75 (admission to the zoo) plus the price of private transportation, and you’ll be back in time for the welcome reception. Contact Kate Moir for details and to register.



Welcome new sponsors!Sunexo Solutions is the latest company to support the 2014 North American Conference and the Rural Municipality of Brokenhead, Manitoba has also come on-board as an in-kind sponsor. You can see the full list of our current sponsors on the front page of the Conference website, and if your company would like to get in on the action, please contact Anne Harding. Helping hands The Sponsor-a-Citizen Bursary Program is proving very popular, and we’re still looking for donors. Under the program, a citizen who would benefit from coming to the Conference but is financially unable to can receive sponsorship, either for the full Conference (C $850.00) or a single day (C$550.00). Our thanks to two of our one-day sponsors, First Person Strategies and Amelia Shaw Consulting.


Remember: you can get Conference information any time by visiting the 2014 IAP2 North American Conference website.


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