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Report From IAP2 Intermountain Conference on Public Meetings

Our Intermountain Chapter recently hosted a one-day conference on public meetings. Here’s a report from Jennifer Fowler, a Project Coordinator with The Langdon Group in Salt Lake City, Utah, and one of the attendees:

IAP2 Regional Conference Wrap-up

An essential component of any industry is to learn and integrate new ways to meet client needs. Teachers receive additional training throughout their career to explore new ways to engage students. Nurses obtain certifications beyond college graduation in order to better serve their patients and provide reliable care. The public participation industry is no different.

The Langdon Group values the opportunity to send its practitioners to trainings and conferences to stay current with the evolving industry, find new ways to engage the public, and gain more experience with participation, facilitation, and mediation techniques. These opportunities often go hand-in-hand with the organizations that TLG supports.

One organization that TLG is involved in is the International Association for Public Participation (IAP2). Jennifer Fowler and Andrea Gumm are currently the Utah and Idaho state representatives for the regional IAP2 chapter. Jennifer recently helped organize and attend a regional conference in St. George, Utah.

Conference Theme and Topics
The theme of the conference was “Re-Imagining the Public Meeting.” […]

Read the full post here: IAP2 Regional Conference Wrap-up

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