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IAP2 NorCal: February 27 Virtual Brown Bag With Joint Venture Silicon Valley

The IAP2 NorCal chapter is thrilled to welcome Russell Hancock, CEO Joint Venture Silicon Valley, this Thursday, February 27 for our second “virtual brown bag” session of the year:

Topic outline:

The State of the Valley is Silicon Valley’s annual “town meeting” hosted by Joint Venture Silicon Valley and co-sponsored by Silicon Valley Community Foundation. The event convenes the entire region – concerned citizens and stakeholders, thought leaders and opinion makers, journalists, our elected representatives, educators and academics, business executives, labor and workforce leaders – for dialogue and discussion about the Valley’s challenges and opportunities.

To inform the discussion, the event’s principal analytical tool is the Silicon Valley Index, a nationally recogized publication that has been telling the Silicon Valley story since 1995. The indicators measure the strength of Silicon Valley’s economy and the health of its community, highlighting challenges and providing a data-rich foundation for decision making.

During this conference call, Russell Hancock will provide a brief overview of various in-person audience engagement methods the event organizers have applied in the past, and we’ll discuss what public participation opportunities he sees going forward.

Our virtual brown bags are designed for the busy professional. A brief 8-minute talk is followed by open Q&A. We share background information and related materials ahead of time so the conversation can focus on the important stuff.

Please head to the event page for details and RSVP.

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