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IAP2 NorCal Lunch Meetup with Loomio: December 16

Update 12/09: We have a venue!
Update 12/13: We’re moving to a bigger venue (just one block away)!

Loomio homepage

Loomio is an interesting new online decision making tool coming out of New Zealand. The Loomio team is currently on a whirlwind trip around the globe (they just attended the World Forum for Democracy in Strasbourg, France). They will be in San Francisco for a few days next week and have kindly accepted our invitation to join us over lunch to present their work and discuss the latest digital engagement trends:

IAP2 NorCal Lunch Meetup with Loomio
Monday, December 16, 2013
12pm to 1.30pm
Coro Center for Civic Leadership
601 Montgomery Street
Suite 800
San Francisco, CA 94111
RSVP online

Registration is free for IAP2 USA members and non-members. However, we do appreciate donations.

About Loomio:

Loomio emerged when activists from the Occupy movement collided with businesspeople from the social enterprise network Enspiral and realised that they were using different approaches to work towards the same aim.

Loomio is being built by a core team in Wellington, New Zealand, and a wider network of friends and supporters all over the world. This video is a presentation by one of the team members that explains some of the background of the project.

Should be very fun. Don’t miss!

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