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Communications Team: Call Notes 10/11, Next Call 10/25

Since our call for volunteers last week, the Communications team has more than doubled in size.

Here’s the list of big-picture work areas we discussed today:

  1. Technology access content team: Need to make sure everyone has the necessary access to any of our publishing channels.
  2. Strategic communications plan: This was established earlier this year. It’s a living document, and we’ll continue to update it as needed.
  3. Content sourcing and publishing process: There are lots of interesting content sources we haven’t fully tapped into yet that are worth exploring, e.g. member-created content, crowdsourcing, curation, strategic content partnerships.
  4. Editorial calendar: We continue to develop this further as a tool to guide our publishing activities and facilitate long-term content planning.
  5. Website clean-up
  6. Email newsletter strategy
  7. Event marketing
  8. PR & media relations: We definitely want to strengthen our external communications efforts (PR/press/media). Would be great to add a couple of people with experience in this area to our team!
  9. Recruitment: We envision a core team of 5-10 people and a possibly even larger group of content volunteers working on specific tasks or programs.
  10. Resource needs

Our next call is scheduled for Friday, October 25 at 9am Pacific (12pm Eastern).

Please use the volunteer form to sign up, and we’ll let you know how to dial in.

  1. Debra Duerr
    October 15, 2013 at 8:50 am

    This is fantastic, Tim – thank you all on our behalf! Debra

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