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2013 Membership Task Force: Call for Volunteers!

IAP2 USA is a membership organization, and our continuing success depends to a large degree on how well we serve and grow our membership base.

At the recent in-person Board meeting in Salt Lake City, UT, the Board agreed to set up a membership task force to re-focus our efforts in this area.

The membership task force will be convening over the course of only a few weeks during the months of October and November 2013. Our objective is to assess the current membership situation and develop a set of concrete recommendations for the incoming 2014 Board as well as the soon-to-be-reactivated Membership Committee. Our work will focus on a number of crucially important topics, including:

  • marketing and outreach
  • recruitment and retention
  • rates and revenues
  • improved alignment of services with member needs
  • strategic partnerships

In addition, we will thoroughly estimate our 2014 resource needs and develop suggestions for improving the ways the membership team interfaces with our other committees, our members, and our staff.

Expect to attend 3-4 conference calls. For online collaboration in between meetings, we will rely on email and the IAP2 USA wiki.

If you have membership development experience, we need you! This is a great opportunity to get involved for a limited time and just see what it’s like to work with us.

Please mark your calendar for our first call:

2013 Membership Task Force: 1st planning call
Wednesday, October 23, 2013
10am Pacific (1pm Eastern)

Please use our online form to sign up or to learn more, and we’ll share dial-in details and our draft agenda with you.


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