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IAP2 2013 Presenter Check-In: Dave Biggs

As we count down the days to #IAP2NA2013, we thought it would be nice to check in with our speakers and presenters to see what they’re looking forward to at the conference. Enjoy!

Who are you and what do you do?

Dave BiggsHello, I’m Dave Biggs. I’m the Co-Founder of MetroQuest, a 16-year-old software firm that provides a public participation platform for planning projects. The software concept started out as my graduate student thesis and turned into a 10-year research project involving over 70 researchers. It’s since been applied to planning projects on five continents. I started out as a software developer. Today, I mostly tell stories about online participation.

What topic will you be presenting on at the conference, and what makes you feel passionate about it?

I’m really looking forward to speaking about what we have discovered about best practices for online engagement for planning projects. I’ll be doing software demonstrations in the tech fair on Monday, a short plenary talk on Tuesday morning and hosting a panel on Tuesday afternoon. My passion for online engagement stems from my desire to ensure that smart plans are created and, most importantly, implemented. The most effective way I’ve seen to make that happen is through widespread public participation –- and by widespread I mean in sufficient numbers that is becomes politically relevant –- not tens or hundreds, but thousands of people engaged.

Based on the conference program, what other sessions do you hope to attend (and why)?

I’m really interested in all of them. Since I’ll have to choose at times, I’ll likely go where discussions about leveraging technology are most likely to occur.

Where can we follow you?

Twitter, LinkedIn, blog & Facebook.

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