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IAP2 2013 Presenter Check-In: John Fort

As we count down the days to #IAP2NA2013, we thought it would be nice to check in with our speakers and presenters to see what they’re looking forward to at the conference. Enjoy!

Who are you and what do you do?

John FortMy name is John Fort. I am a group process facilitator with a background in conflict resolution and improvisational theater. I help organizations save money and focus on their mission through workshops that improve communication, unlock creativity, and create alignment.

What topic will you be presenting on at the conference, and what makes you feel passionate about it?

I will give participants tools for moving divergent stakeholder out of “adversarial-mode” and into “group problem-solving mode.” I will share secrets from my experience running experiential workshops that focus on engaging participants at multiple levels (intellectually, physically, emotionally). If you attend my session expect safety, risk-taking, and fun. I love this work because it feels authentic and powerful.

Based on the conference program, what other sessions do you hope to attend (and why)?

I look forward to attending Tony Faast and Sheri Wantland’s pre-conference training on Tactical Facilitation. The Pipe Dream Field trip looks like an interesting way to get out and see the product of an engagement process. Can Community Trust Be Restored? and the Tech Fair both look like good ways to generate discussion and new ideas on timely topics.

How can we follow you?

@Re5olution5 is my twitter. My Blog is RegardingSolutions.com/blog & my facebook is www.facebook.com/RegardingSolutions.

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