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IAP2 2013 Presenter Check-In: Stephani Roy McCallum

As we count down the days to #IAP2NA2013, we thought it would be nice to check in with our speakers and presenters to see what they’re looking forward to at the conference. Enjoy!

Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Stephani Roy McCallum and I’m a mother, wife, daughter and sister – and a consultant too. Also a beagle and hamster owner. I’m the Managing Director at Dialogue Partners, which makes me a bit of map maker, pot mixer, cake baker and all round idea woman (plus world traveler thrown in). When you ask what do I do – I think the best work I do is to create momentum for positive change, helping people work together better and have really important conversations on things that matter to them. I guess that applies to my life and my work too.

What topic will you be presenting on at the conference, and what makes you feel passionate about it?

I’ll be teaching a pre conference training for intermediate and advanced practitioners on systems change and leadership. I’m giving an IAP2 Talks on a similar topic. Our team is running conference sessions on mob mentality / group think and courage to lead when things are messy. All of our work at DP is in the spaces between people on complex issues, where emotions, values and conflict can run high. Doesn’t matter the topic. I see that in our field we’ve done a real dis-service to society in general by “checking the box” and managing the conversation in ways that have marginalized and polarized people. I think its time for a new way forward that is courageous, honest, open and inclusive. And I’m deeply passionate about working to see that change happen – and I think it will take all of us.

Based on the conference program, what other sessions do you hope to attend (and why)?

As many as I can get to! I’m always up for new insights, learnings and ideas. I also hope for conversations about where we’ve failed as well as where we’ve succeeded as sometimes the insights are deeper on our missteps. I’m also looking forward to a drink or two and catching up with some old (and some new) friends, and to exploring Utah.

Where can we follow you?

We put lots of resources and ideas and blogs on our website at www.dialoguepartners.ca. My twitter is @RedheadSteph and the DP twitter is @dialoguepartner. You can also catch up with new ideas, suggestions and conversations on the Dialogue Partners Facebook page.

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