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April 2013 Webinar: Participatory Budgeting

Please join us for our upcoming webinar, April 9, 2013 at 11am Pacific Time (2pm Eastern).

From the event announcement: Participatory Budgeting Webinar

Participatory Budgeting is a growing movement where citizens get to share their ideas of where they’d like their money spent and where they would not. First developed in Brazil in 1989, PB is used around the world most frequently for municipal budgets, but also for schools and school systems, provincial and state budgets, universities, housing authorities and other public projects. Our panelists will explain how PB works, past projects and lessons learned from these experiences. Come and join us to learn more about this growing trend and have an opportunity to gain insights from leaders in this field.


  • Pam Jennings, Project Coordinator, The Participatory Budgeting Project
  • Ginny Browne, Community Engagement Coordinator, The Participatory Budgeting Project

Like all our monthly webinars, this event is available free of charge to all members of IAP2 Canada and IAP2 USA. Non-members can join this webinar for a $50 fee.

Go to our website to register online.

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