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June Practitioner Call Follow-Up

Thanks everyone for attending our June practitioner call on Monday. At 49 participants, we had almost 10% of our entire US membership in the room.

Thanks again to John Godec for stepping up to the plate on fairly short notice and for delivering a first high-level introduction to the topic. Obviously, there is much more to talk about than can possibly be covered in one hour, and many have already expressed interest in a follow-up session to dig deeper into the specifics.

We will be looking over the webinar recording shortly and hope to share a video, audio or transcript for download soon.

The high turn-out also brought some challenges. Up until now, our practitioner calls have drawn much smaller crowds, and the call format (with individual introductions at the beginning and a focus on participant-driven Q&A and discussion) is intended for smaller groups. Clearly, that didn’t quite work in the large setting. Plus, most attendees were expecting a traditional webinar format, focused more on an in-depth feature presentation, with less interactive conversation. We’re already working high-speed on meeting that webinar demand (watch this space for announcements), and we’ll try to be more flexible adapting the practitioner call to varying group sizes.

We also ran into some mean audio issues at the beginning of the call. Needless to say, we promise to get that under control as well in the future. Despite those issues, almost everyone stayed on for the entire hour.

Results exit survey

More than half of the participants completed the exit survey. Very much appreciated! Below please find a summary of the results.

We asked: “How would you rate the overall quality of this practitioner call?” (1 = “very bad”, 5 = “very good”). We received 23 answers, averaging at 3.3 (pretty much in the middle).

We then asked: “What could we have done better? Suggestions welcome!”


  • Informative Q&A
  • Nice and tight agenda
  • Good content and structure
  • Interesting topic


  • Technical issues (bad audio)
  • Introductions took too long
  • Not enough content during the presentation
  • Lacked specific examples, information too high-level
  • Too much of a sales pitch

Ideas for improvement:

  • Fix audio issues (duh!)
  • Provide better upfront tutorial/instructions for webinar end-users (how to mute/unmute, raise hand, chat etc.)
  • Skip or streamline the introductions
  • More (hands-on) content, more practical advice, more real-life examples
  • Longer session duration
  • Less discussion
  • Offer a way for participants to chat with each other

Finally, we asked: “What topics would you like us to cover in the future? The more specific, the better!”

Here are some of the topic suggestions we received. Great stuff! If you have anything else you’d like to learn more about or if you’d like to present, please head on over to our ideas site, submit a topic and vote and comment on your favorites:

Again, thanks for joining. Apologies for the technical issues. Our next call is Monday, July 2, 2012 at 11am Pacific. Topic and featured expert practitioner to be announced soon. Don’t forget to mark your calendars for all other upcoming calls through the end of the year.

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