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Innovation Project Stage 2: Contributions of Learning Materials

Call for voluntary contributions to the Innovation Project

The renewal of the Certificate Program is now at a very intense and exciting phase: your input and energy are needed in order for the revision to be a reflection of the vast knowledge within the IAP2 community.

The ways you choose to contribute to the project may include:

  • Offering materials you have that you think will contribute to the revision of the certificate program, i.e. suggestions for learning activities from your own experiences, conference papers that you recently gathered, articles that you found interesting, etc.
  • Offering videos that you have seen (on YouTube or elsewhere) or that you produced or your organization produced, or case studies you have developed or found
  • Whatever you think will contribute to improving the public participation learning experience

As the Certificate program has not been renewed for many years, we are aware that some interesting new materials have been developed to respond to the changes and developments in practice. We welcome those materials and will acknowledge all contributions in the new training materials.

If you would like more in-depth information on what content of the current Certificate program will be renewed you will find it in Annex 1; you will find a proposed content framework that indicates which scale of revision the contents are subjected to.

Please feel free to suggest or indicate materials that apply to different sectors, or various countries.

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