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IAP2 Global Branding Review Update

In the February edition of our monthly member newsletter, we mentioned IAP2’s global branding review:

Branding survey deadline 2/22/12

Our global member survey closes tomorrow, 22nd February. Click here to complete now.

The five- minute survey is your chance to tell us what’s important about IAP2 and your connection with our brand. Your input will form the basis of IAP2’s first global branding review with the aim of creating a new brand and visual identity that better reflects the modern organization, its members and the practice.

Click here for background information on the branding review.

Here’s an update we just received via the IAP2 USA Facebook page:

Thank you to everyone around the world for participating in the branding survey. Your support and input will help shape the future visual identity of IAP2.

178 people completed the survey with respondents coming from Australasia (58%), Canada (13%), South Africa (8%), UK & Ireland (3%), USA (15%) and a few (3%) from members in countries outside of these locations. Most of the respondents were members of more than 5 years (70%).

The top 3 unique values cited by all respondents:
– Professional development and certification
– Being a premier organization and best in class with a focus on quality, excellence in practice, standards, innovation, leaders in the practice itself, credibility and recognition for excellence
– Networking opportunities internationally and locally, supporting practitioners, collaboration, and a sense of community

These values are reflected in the 2012 – 2014 Strategic Plan and the survey results will support the next steps in developing a renewal visual identity.

The top thoughts on IAP2’s brand promise from the survey were:
– Promoting excellence, standards, quality and being a ‘best-in-class’, premier organization
– Commitment to the professional practice of P2 – ethically, with values
– The community, networking, support for professionals in the practice
– Innovation in P2
– Helping educate and develop practitioners
– Credibility, reputation, and trust – as peers, as an organization and as a practice

For further information please contact iap2hq@iap2.org or your Affiliate. The branding working group are preparing their final responses and advice to the international Board. Thanks again for everyone’s support and input.

Thanks to everyone from the US who participated in the survey. We’ll keep you posted. As a member of the Communications Committee, I’m eager to see the final results, based on which IAP2 USA can finally proceed to review its own branding strategy and, subsequently, begin work on the much-anticipated relaunch of our website.

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