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Government Finance Officers Associations 106th Annual Conference June 10-13 Chicago, IL

Dear IAP2 USA Supporters,

The Government Finance Officers Association’s (GFOA) 106th Annual Conference (Winds of Change: Public Finance in Transition) is scheduled for June 10 – 13 at McCormick Place West in Chicago, Illinois. The GFOA has approximately 18,000 members in the U.S. and Canada; the fact that they have many Canadian members may offer additional opportunities. Past conferences have had between 3,000 and 10,000 attendees; right now, they are expecting around 6,000 for this year’s conference.

The GFOA is very interested in offering a conference session on “public participation in budgeting and planning in local governments.” They have extended an invitation to IAP2 USA to participate. After discussion at its February board meeting, IAP2 USA has accepted the invitation and, in turn, is inviting interested members to make a presentation at the conference on behalf of IAP2 USA.

Ideally, this conference session should focus on:
case studies,
best practices,
and how P2 helps achieve credible, sustainable results.
Some of the important criteria for presenters include:
a strong knowledge of IAP2/IAP2 USA, Core Values, etc.,
a high level of experience and skills in presentation and/or facilitation,
and, of course, a willingness/ability to speak on behalf of IAP2.
In addition, it would be useful to have specific experience with P2 in the finance and/or budgeting arena(s), and, appreciating the audience, to have the ability to speak in terms of P2 “ROI.” Finally, the participant(s) will be responsible for their own expenses relative to travel, lodging, etc., for the conference.

If you are interested in participating as a session presenter, please respond by or before the end of the day on Tuesday, February 21, 2012 to David Hovde (dhovde@atcllc.com) and Melissa Foley (admin@iap2usa.org). Please include a brief description of your background and experience.

Many/most of the sessions have 2-3 speakers each, but it is up to IAP2 USA, ultimately, to determine the topic(s), form, format, number of session facilitators/speakers, how they are coordinated, etc. Again, a reminder: GFOA and/or IAP2 USA will NOT pay speaker fees or any conference-related expenses, though GFOA will waive the conference registration fees for any speaker who wishes to attend.

Additional background on the organization and this conference:

Format of the Session
Conference attendees self-select the tracks/sessions that they attend. The session that the association has in mind for IAP2 USA (or what/whoever) is tentatively scheduled for two hours on the morning of Wednesday, June 13 will be part of the “Budgeting & Financial Planning” track:

To manage public resources within a volatile world and national economy, finance officers are adopting new approaches to fiscal planning, budget development, and budget monitoring. For example, new forecasting methods are focusing on alternative scenarios in anticipation of unexpected economic changes. User fees continue to be near the top of the list of budget balancing options as property and sales taxes grow slowly or not at all.

Above all, managers who are responsible for the planning and budget process must anticipate change and offer options that accommodate a wide range of fiscal contingencies. This year’s budget and financial planning sessions will provide innovative techniques for forecasting, fee setting, and budgeting to support long-term fiscal resiliency. Sessions will also give conference attendees up-to-date information on how to thrive in changing times, including new approaches to public-private partnerships, identifying and funding alternative service levels, and gaining greater public understanding and support through information transparency.

About the Audience/ Attendees
Approximately half of the association’s members are accountants; the memberships includes department heads, general managers, planners, finance directors, city managers, administrators, etc. The membership is primarily representative of state/provincial and local government, although there are some members from federal departments and agencies. (It is thought that the conference attendees tend to come more from the manager/administrator/director folks, as opposed to the “rank and file.”)

To learn about the association and obtain more information about the conference, please click on the links below.
Thank you for your thoughtful consideration.


David D. Hovde
IAP2 USA Board Member

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