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IAP2 North America Conference 2012 Call for Proposals

We would like to take this opportunity to pass along a message from our friends at IAP2 Canada…

IAP2 North America Conference 2012  Call for Proposals

Welcome to the 2012 North American IAP2 Conference! We are extremely excited to be working with our partner organization IAP2 USA to bring you this event and hope you can join us September 30 – October 2, 2012 in beautiful Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. You’re Invited!!

This call for proposals is for interested individuals, groups or organizations to present and share their insights and expertise in the
P2 field. Our team was inspired by the idea of P2 equally involving the head, heart and hands and through our conference themes hope to explore how each of these play an integral role in expansion and growth of public participation. We aim to involve researchers, stakeholders, academics, community members, decision-makers, practitioners and others to build together a diverse audience thereby truly getting a 360 perspective.

Conference session proposals must support or align with one of the sub-themes. The key focus questions are not meant to limit but rather used as a launch point and touchstone.

Theme Key Focus Questions:

STIMULATE your mind
What have you learned, discovered, proven or identified from your research, study of the field or experience, which will advance the growth and practice of public participation.
This is all about the thinking…..

MOTIVATE your heart
What is at the heart of public participation? We think it might lie in the values, ethics, and feelings associated with P2. What is it that motivates, influences or provokes involvement or lack thereof in public participation?
This is all about the feeling…..

What tools, activities, techniques are defining the cutting edge of public participation? How do you find the balance between the tried & tested and the innovative & creative? This is all about action…..

For more information please download the full Call for Proposals and proposal template.
Proposals are DUE March 23, 2012and questions should be directed to conference@iap2canada.ca

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