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Tonight! Changes to Online Membership Directory Profiles

As we announced back in August, we will be making a couple of changes later tonight to the way we expose member profile information on our website.

All current members of IAP2 USA with access to the private (members-only) member directory on the IAP2 USA website will be affected. No action is required.

For all member records imported from the old IAP2 database earlier this year, we will retroactively check the “Allow to show profile” box. This will ensure that these member profiles are visible in the private (members-only) member directory, which is the default setting for new profiles. For all member records, basic profile information (first name, last name, organization) will be visible in the public member directory. The default settings for new profiles will be adjusted accordingly. Our goal is a more useful directory for our members and the public they serve.

Once these changes have been implemented, members will receive another email notification. Members can then re-adjust their personal settings by logging into our website and updating their profile.

Please contact us if you have any questions. Thank you!

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