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Strategic Plan Webinar Follow-Up

Last Thursday, we held our 2011-2013 Strategic Plan webinar with Vice President Lewis Michaelson. Here’s his brief follow-up:

Thanks very much to all of you who participated in the IAP2 USA Strategic Plan Webinar. Among a number of topics, we discussed the “answers” provided in the draft plan to such questions as:

  • Who do we serve?
  • What do/should we offer?
  • How do we want to grow?
  • How are we organized?
  • What is our future?

In answering those questions, we heard ideas on how chapters fit into the organization, what our relationship as an Affiliate should be to the Federation, and what kind of strategic alliances we should be seeking.

Some of the comments that stood out to me include:

  • Wanting to make sure that among the people and entities we serve, that nonprofits and other NGOs are included;
  • Supporting the exploration of a practitioner certification process;
  • Encouraging the explicit mention of advocacy in our mission statement; and
  • Wondering if as a national Affiliate we will be a source of face-to-face meeting opportunities in the future, such as conferences, now that there is no longer an international entity to hold them.

One of the things I tried to make clear about the strategic plan is that we envision and encourage member participation in the board’s committees and initiatives. We currently have non-board members looking at the possibility next year of a national symposium in D.C. on public participation and another working on creating our own national Core Values Award program.

I encourage you look in the strategic plan at what we intend to be working on as an organization and how we are organized to do that. If you see something that concerns or excites you, let us know, and we would be pleased to include you in the planning and implementation of those programs and objectives.

Also, there is still time to participate in the online survey about the draft strategic plan in advance of our next board meeting the weekend of November 11th. Please take the time to share your thoughts with us.

Lewis Michaelson
Vice President

Here are the slides that Lewis shared during the webinar:

If you are currently a member, please log into the member-only section of our website to read the strategic plan and complete our ongoing survey. Of course, you can also comment right here on this post. Your input will greatly help us during the upcoming November Board meeting as we plan our work going into 2012.

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