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Vice President’s Invitation to Participate in IAP2 USA Strategic Plan

From our latest member newsletter:

So far, our first year in business as the IAP2 USA board has been filled with a plethora of activities necessary to get our new affiliate up and running. All of the basic functions of an organization had to be created from scratch, from banking and administration to membership services and website development. At the same time, however, we have been keenly aware of the need to chart a strategic course that is both aspirational and attainable – equal parts idealistic and pragmatic.

As a part of charting that course, the board has had numerous discussions about our strategic direction, culminating in a draft three-year strategic plan for IAP2 USA. The board would like to share this draft with our fellow members for feedback in a number of ways. Click here to view the strategic plan (requires login). If you need help accessing our members-only section, please check out the instructions or call or email us directly.

First, we are inviting written comments. Please click here to participate in a brief survey. Second, we will be asking the chapter leads to solicit feedback from their members. Finally, we will hold a webinar in late October to engage in a real-time dialogue among our members.

Currently, the draft strategic plan covers the 2011-2013 period. With your input, we will update the plan and produce a 2012-2014 version to guide our organization’s development and monitor our progress in the upcoming years. Please take the time to participate in one or more of the ways that are being offered. By providing input to the strategic plan, you can help ensure that IAP2 USA understands and meets the needs of its members to the maximum extent practicable, now and in the future.

Thank you,
Lewis Michaelson
Katz and Associates
Vice President, IAP2 USA

Our upcoming webinar is scheduled for October 27, at 12pm Pacific Time. We’ll share the details shortly.

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