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Message from the President

Hi! I hope everyone has had a great summer. I want to give you a brief update of what has been happening with IAP2 USA in the last six months.

Our main focus has been on establishing a solid operating foundation. We hired a management association firm in April, SOS, whose staff have been an integral part of our success to date. The following are a few key highlights of our accomplishments.

  • We have just over 460 members — the number changes daily. We had 11 new members just last month.
  • We have received calls from people interested in starting local chapters in Los Angeles, Washington DC and New England area. We are also beginning to see interest in revitalizing other local chapters while the Cascade and Intermountain chapters continue to have strong local programs.
  • We have formed several committees and they are working hard on creating new programs and services for members and forming strategic alliances with other national organizations.
  • The iap2usa.org website is now up and a work in progress. Members are able to log-in for member only information and can make their member profile accessible by the public.
  • Plans are still underway for a symposium in Washington DC in January 2012.
  • Our first webinar held on June 30 was attended by more than 40 people (slides, audio).
  • We started sending monthly e-news to our members.
  • A draft strategic plan is underway.

Although we have made much progress, there is still much to do. We are reaching out to you and other members to determine people’s willingness to help move IAP2 USA forward. If you are interested in helping, please let us know. We especially need people who are willing to help write content for the website and blog po developing stings. We also need help in our programs and services and other member benefits. In addition, the IAP2 International Federation Board is forming several committees and is looking for members of Affiliates to participate.

I appreciate your past support of IAP2 USA and hope we can count on you once again as we continue to move forward.

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  1. August 19, 2011 at 12:05 pm

    Kudos to our President! I would love for folks to recommend opportunities for IAP2USA to position itself as an advocate for quality public participation–both in the media, the public sector, and the like.

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