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IAP2 USA Is on Govloop

As we’re slowly expanding our social media footprint, I’d like everyone to take notice of our latest addition, the IAP2 USA group on Govloop.

About Govloop (from their FAQ):

GovLoop was created in 2008 by one awesome fed with an idea. He thought there was a need for a social network for the government community to connect and share information. And thus, he created this website to foster this communication.(**Update**) Fast forward 18 months and what started out as a passion has grown to over 40,000 government innovators across the world. Steve moves full-time on GovLoop as President of GovLoop, a subsidiary of GovDelivery, a small company out of Minnesota.

Well, I guess they are so busy growing they don’t have time to update the FAQ all the time. Turns out that as of this writing Govloop has already passed the 45,000 user mark.

We know that public participation can make a difference at all levels of government, whether city, county, regional, state, or national. As IAP2 USA, we want to be available to anyone interested in learning more about the practice and invite the government community to share their experiences.

If you’re working in government, please join our group. Thanks!

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