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2011 IAP2 Australasia Conference: Call for Curators

“Excite, Engage, Evolve.” is the motto for this year’s IAP2 Australasia conference, scheduled for October 20-21, 2011 in Sydney, Australia. From the conference page:

Excite, Engage, Evolve – will showcase leading practice and challenge current concepts through exploring:

  • Excite – Why and how to motivate, mobilise and inspire the community to get solid results and sustained input
  • Engage – How current practice influences communities and achieves better decisions
  • Evolve – How to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing landscape and remain relevant, specifically:
    • How to effectively use technologies for appropriate audiences
    • How to leave a legacy of strong, resilient communities following natural disasters and other major challenges
    • How to reenergise and nurture ourselves in the face of sustained community outrage

They have put out a call for curators (PDF) and are asking for contributions:


The IAP2 Conference Working Group is looking for volunteer session curators.

We’re going to dedicate over 30 of the sessions to those who have the most interesting things to talk about.

Curators may be you as an individual, a group of individuals or an effort by your company or agency.

It could be organising a workshop or panel debate on a topic you feel the industry needs to talk about. Or perhaps a chance to unveil a piece of research or a new approach you’ve been working on

Added to our calendar. Let us know if you plan on going.

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