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Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!

Today we’re adding a new segment to the blog: jobs!

On a regular basis (ideally weekly, provided you send us enough material), we’d like to share current job openings at member companies or elsewhere related to public participation that might be of interest to our members.

Here’s this week’s list:

  • Sr. Associate/Facilitator at Kearns & West, in Washington DC and Portland, OR (download PDF)
  • Project Coordinator at EnviroIssues, in Seattle, WA (view online)
  • Facilitation and Public Engagement Practitioner at EnviroIssues, in Boise, ID (view online)

For the time being, we will offer these job announcements as a free service for IAP2 USA members. Given that we’re still quite busy setting up the basics, we’ll keep it simple for now and just link to job ads on external sites. If there’s enough interest, we’ll see how we can develop this section further and maybe turn it into a proper marketplace.

Please contact us if you have any positions you’d like us to share. Thanks!

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