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Quick Update on Member Website Roll-Out

Here’s where we are with rolling out our new member-only website:

  • We have created a total of 505 records (based on membership data we received from IAP2 in December, plus a few additions).
  • To date, we have invited 101 members (including all of our lifetime members, all eleven Board members, all chapter liaisons as well as all US trainers).
  • Already, 9 members have opted into being listed in the public directory.
  • We just received our first renewal request via the site. Yay!

And here’s what we’ll be working on next:

  • Continue the data clean-up (for example, add missing email addresses and missing renewal due dates)
  • Process any updates we have received since December (new and renewed members)
  • Continue sending out invites (in small batches as more records become ready to go)
  • Set up corporate members
  • Finalize Paypal integration (this will allow you to make payments online conveniently and securely)
  • Launch member-only email newsletter

We’re really excited about this new site. We’ve only played with some of the features but it all looks very promising and should make member management, member communications and peer-to-peer networking a lot better.

Thanks everyone for your patience while we work our way through these last stretches of the transition process. If you have feedback about the new site, please leave a comment or contact us. Thanks!

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