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New Member Website Roll-Out

As mentioned previously, we are currently in the process of rolling out our new member website to IAP2 USA members. Membership information for all active members has already been migrated from IAP2’s database to our new system. We’re currently sending out notifications to invite everyone.

Below are the step-by-step instructions to access your account:

Password and login

Profile and privacy settings

  • Update your personal profile (only share however much information you feel comfortable with, maybe upload a profile photo etc.)
  • Check if your renewal due date is correct (we ported this from the data we received from IAP2 in mid-December).

There are three general privacy levels: “no access” (don’t share with anyone), “members” (share with other members only), or “anybody” (share with the public). For member profiles, we’re defaulting most fields to be shared with other members.  You can change the settings for each field individually.

You need to log out in order to perform this next step:

  • Check how your profile info appears in the public member directory. Anyone on the web can see this information, including search engines. By default, none of your profile information should appear here. You’ll have to change your privacy setting for certain fields to “anyone” first in order for them to show up on your public profile.

Other tasks

The majority of features has yet to be activated, but there are a few things you can play with:

  • Find a member you know and send them a direct message. Simply go to their profile page, click “Send message”, add your message text and click submit.
  • Go to the discussion forum and introduce yourself.

The look and feel is still out-of-the-box basic. We’ll get to work on that once the core functionalities are in place.

Please let us know if you run into any bugs, or leave a comment below with feedback. Thanks!

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