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Our Blog Numbers After Five Months

Just a quick follow-up to our post from October to share how this blog is doing.

Since our launch in September, here’s the numbers we have reached as of January 31, 2011:

  • 38 posts
  • 29 email subscriptions
  • 50 followers on Twitter

Our monthly traffic (we turned on indexing in early January):

Site stats through January 2011

Still pretty negligible in absolute terms, but we like the trend we’re seeing.

Once again, here’s what you can do to stay up to date and to help us grow:

  1. Subscribe to our RSS feed: https://iap2usa.wordpress.com/feed/
  2. If you prefer email, subscribe to email updates (right column under “Get email updates”).
  3. Don’t be shy, leave comments!
  4. Provide us with content (e.g. related events, industry news, training announcements, chapter updates etc. or write an op-ed)
  5. Start including the blog in your communications with interested audiences.
  6. Link to us!


Our content team is about to meet for the first time. There’s a lot of good stuff happening, and we want to bring you all of it.

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