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2011 IAP2 Innovation Summit: February 6-7, 2011 in Sydney, Australia

IAP2 has been planning a summit to “review and re-design the training framework for the Certificate in Public Participation”.

They just shared this update:

The 2011 IAP2 Innovation Summit will be taking place this weekend in Sydney, Australia – and you can participate online!
Join the discussion at http://summit.iap2.net or by using the Twitter hashtag #iap2summit – and give us your thoughts on the following questions:

  • What would a world-class Certificate program look like?
  • What will make it the best in the world?
  • What will make it unique to IAP2?

Throughout the Summit the online discussion will be moderated and provide a number of guest posts from people physically present. You can also ask questions directly at http://summit.iap2.net/ask with answers published by the online moderator.

Grace Leotta will be the summit facilitator. Grace is an organisational development and training consultant based in Sydney, Australia. She facilitates planning, service development/change management and community consultation process, conducts program reviews and evaluations, and develops and facilitates training programs.
We look forward to joining you in the conversation.

If you have attended IAP2 training or maybe even completed the Certificate, please share your experience in the comments. Thanks!

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