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IAP2 NorCal Chapter: Recap of November 19 Webinar

Our November 19 webinar for the Northern California chapter went well (we even had a couple of attendees from Seattle, WA and Canada). Here’s a quick recap:

After discussing IAP2’s transition to an affiliate model (download PDF, 528KB) and the process to develop an IAP2 affiliate, we discussed IAP2 USA activities moving forward.

The transition working group is focusing on getting essential services ready for the new Board in 2011 and is seeking opportunities to provide useful but low-cost services to members during the transition. The working group is seeking opportunities to partner with like-minded organizations to leverage ideas and resources and potentially recruit new members.

Webinar participants suggested working with the Public Dialogue Consortium, ICEE, and publishing company Berrett-Kohler (to piggyback on author launches/events). The transition team is also interested in re-evaluating the state of the practice, especially in light of the recent progress in open government initiatives, seeming increases in citizen interest in participating in decision-making, and the fact that IAP2 is no longer the only organization in this sector (as it once was).

We briefly discussed the Appreciative Inquiry process that IAP2 USA will be undertaking to better understand what direction our members and potential members want to take IAP2 USA. It will be a positive, future-oriented process that prioritizes building networks among members. More information about the AI process will be forthcoming.

Lastly, we discussed ideas for near-term and longer-term IAP2 USA activities. Ideas included:

  • Monthly webinars (potentially leading up to events, hosted by chapters)
  • Business networking
  • Learning exchange for members to openly discuss public participation challenges and potential solutions (online, with occasional face-to-face)
  • Regular virtual office hours IAP2 USA (e.g. bi-weekly)
  • Open webinar or conference call hours for members to contact IAP2 chapter leads or Board members to ask questions and discuss anything related to IAP2
  • Partnering with neighboring organizations (e.g. Public Dialogue Consortium, ICEE, Berrett-Kohler, local universities)
  • Standards and certification with the of creating a credentialing program for public participation (longer-term activity, would have to come out of collaboration between various organizations)

If you’d like to stay in the loop with regard to upcoming activities in Northern California, please join our informal Google group (a joint effort of local IAP2 and NCDD members and friends).

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