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IAP2 USA Board Nominations Deadline Extended!

The IAP2 USA nominating committee extended the deadline for nominations one week. Nominations will be due December 10, 2010 at noon Pacific Time.

Remember, even if you are not interested in running for a board position, look around at your IAP2 member colleagues — local or around the country — and ask them to think about running.

The nominating committee would like to present you a slate of candidates with:

  • Geographic and ethnic diversity
  • Diverse professional backgrounds, from government, academia, nonprofits, private sectors, including those who work in the field, and those in related fields
  • Strong work ethic and willingness to bring their full talents and energies to the work of IAP2 USA
  • Public participation experience in private, public, nonprofits, and grassroots volunteer work

Click here for more information on the process (PDF) and the nomination application (PDF).

Updated schedule

  • November 20 through December 10 (noon Pacific Time) — Nomination Committee requests/accepts nominations for US Affiliate Board
  • December 10 — Nomination Committee meets to prepare ballot
  • December 10-20 — Ballots distributed to all existing US members
  • December 20 — Deadline for members’ vote on Affiliate Board members
  • December 21 — Announce new Affiliate Board members
  • Prior to December 31 (or prior to Federation Board January 2011 meeting) — Affiliate Board holds first meeting

Next Steps

Once the new Board of Directors has been announced December 21, 2010, work will begin to develop an extensive membership engagement process to learn more about the state of US public participation and how to further enhance the practice and support IAP2 USA members. Let us know if you would like to help with this engagement process.

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