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Catching Up On the Transition Process

Back in May, IAP2 sent out an eNews special edition to US members to share an update on the transition process towards the new governance model. The email included a message from the three current US board members, Stephanie Boone-Shaw, Anne Carroll and John Godec, and an invitation to participate in a couple of conference calls in early June:

Dear USA IAP2 Members,

As you know by now, IAP2 will become a Federation of Affiliates beginning in January 2011, and the United States will become one of those Affiliates.  The overwhelming number of members who weighed in during our recent engagement project clearly told us this is the right direction and the Board agreed that this move will allow IAP2 to be stronger and more effective as an organization.  IAP2 will remain an international organization committed to excellence in this practice of world-wide stakeholder engagement.  All existing services, training, and support will continue during the transition process, along with some new services and opportunities that are currently being explored.
Becoming an affiliate won’t happen automatically, however. WE as U.S. members need to do it, and as current U.S. members of the international board, we are starting this conversation by inviting your participation so that our transition to an Affiliate works for us in the U.S.

The work in Phoenix in January was a great start, and this month the Board is finishing a framework for affiliates (legal, governance, structure, etc.) that will provide guidance.  If you weren’t able to attend the Phoenix meeting, you’re not too late to help shape the future of IAP2 in the U.S.

The notes from the two conference calls as well as other key materials that have been added since then can be found on our transition page.

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